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Clear Spot International is based in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, and was founded in 1996 by fanatical music lovers, who all have their own rich history and experience in the realm of music.

Our love for music in general, and for (underground and alternative) rock, pop, electronics and folk (in all possible forms and shapes) in particular, combined with our never ending hunger and curiosity for new vibes, impulses and sounds, has resulted in the following activities:
-world wide distribution of CDs, vinyl, DVDs, books, magazines etc.
-import and export
-our own record labels, Head Spin, Daffodelic & Time is a Spiral

We are specialized in many genres such as

-psychedelia/stoner rock (old and comtemporary)
-garagerock and punk
-hardcore punk
-progressive rock
-industrial/noise/dark ambient

Clear Spot International is proud to offer you a vast catalogue of titles, consisting of many brand new releases as well as older ones, and of course loads of reissues. (And if you're desperately looking for items which are notoriously hard to find, you might find them in our lists!)

Labels we sell

60's & 70's REISSUE LABELS

Acid Symposium (USA) psych reissues
Acme (UK) psych/stoner
Action (Greece) psych/garage/reissues
AIP (USA) psych/garage compilations
Air Mail (Japan) psych/pop reissues
Arf! Arf! (USA) psych/garage/hardrock reissues
Anazitisi (Greece) psych/reissues
Audio Archives (UK) psych reissues
Background (UK) psych/folk reissues
Beatball (South Korea) pop/psych/reissues
Big Pink Music (South Korea) folk/psych reissues
Cinedelic (Italy) soundtracks/lounge/reissues
Collector's Choice (USA) pop/psych/oldies reissues
Cramps (Italy) experimental/prog reissues

Distortion (USA) psych/garage/punk reissues

Feathered Apple (Switzerland) garage/punk reissues
Frantic (USA) psych/garage reissues
Fresh Music (South Africa) psych/pop reissues
Fruits de mer (UK)  psych/garage reissues
Garden Of Delight (Germany) psych/kraut/prog reissues
Gearfab (USA) psych/garage reissues
Get Hip Archives (USA) garage/surf/soul reissues
Golden Pavilion (Portugal) psych/folk reissues
Grey Past (The Netherlands) psych/garage/exotica reissues
Guerssen (Spain) psych/folk/garage reissues
Harkit (UK) soundtracks/jazz reissues
Karma (Denmark) psych reissues
Kissing Spell (UK) psych/folk/hardrock reissues
Lazarus (USA) psych/funk/soul/latin reissues
Lion Productions (USA) psych/folk reissues
Longhair (France) psych/prog reissues
M2U (South Korea) psych/folk reissues
Magic (France) pop/psych reissues
Media Arte (South Korea) psych/folk reissues
Mellotronen (Sweden) psych/prog reissues
Minky (USA) garage/psych/world reissues
Mississippi (USA) blues/psych/world/punk/reissues
Misty Lane (Italy) garage/psych/reissues
Mother Earth Music (UK) folk reissues
Nero's Neptune (USA) psych/folk reissues
Nightwings (Italy) psych reissues
Norton (USA) garage/rock'n'roll/punk reissues
Orpheus (Denmark) psych/folk/reissues
Past & Present (UK) psych/garage reissues
RD (Switzerland) psych reissues
Rockadrome (USA) psych/hardrock reissues
Second Battle (Germany) psych/prog/kraut reissues
Slightly Discoloured (Belgium) psych/folk reissues
Subliminal Sounds (Sweden) psych/folk/reissues
Sunbeam (UK) psych/folk reissues
Sundazed (USA) psych/garage/pop reissues
Vadim (France) soundtracks/lounge/pop reissues
Void (USA) psych reissues
Voxx (USA) garage/psych/reissues
Wah-Wah (Spain) psych/folk/kraut reissues
World In Sound (Germany) psych/stoner/reissues
Wounded Bird (USA) pop/psych/jazz/blues reissues


Headspin (The Netherlands)
Daffodelic (The Netherlands)
Time is a Spiral (The Netherlands)
Black Widow (Italy)
Beard Of Stars (Italy)
September Gurls (Germany)
Transubstans (Sweden)
Goddamn I'm a Countryman (Sweden)
Nasoni (Germany)
Leafhound (Japan)
Ektro (Finland)
4 Walls (USA)
Motorwolf (The Netherlands)
Tonefloat (The Netherlands)
A Silent Place (Italy)
Inoxia (Japan)
Garden Of Exile (The Netherlands)
Odio Sonora (Spain)
Hells Cargo (Sweden)
Alone (Spain)
Espiritus Inmundos (Peru)
Van (Germany)
Grooveyard (USA)
Electric Earth (Belgium)
Shadow Kingdom (USA)
Herzberg (Germany)
Proverus (USA)
Mantricum (Spain)
Ripple Music (USA)
I Hate Records (Sweden)
Setalight (Germany)
The Ajna Offensive (USA)
Division (Switzerland)
Mas De Cade (Germany)
Destructure (France)
Open Your Eyes (Belgium)
High Roller (Germany)
Northern Silence (Germany)
Lost (USA)
Svart (Finland)
Kozmik Artifactz (Germany)
Napalm (Austria)


Red Wig (The Netherlands)
Grand Theft Audio (USA)
Speedstate (Japan)
Hjernespind (Denmark)
Dead Beat (USA)


Voodoo Rhythm (Switzerland)
Screaming Apple (Germany)
Get Hip (USA)
Hate (Italy)
Alien Snatch! (Germany)
Teensound (Italy)
Soundflat (Germany)
Off The Hip (Australia)
Sound Effect (Greece)
Citadel (Australia)
Green Cookie (Greece)
Music Maniac (Germany)
Bomp!/Alive! (USA)
High School Reject (The Netherlands)
A Fistful Of Records (The Netherlands)
Crusher (Sweden)
Butterfly (Spain)
Wild Punk (Spain)
Tombstone (USA)
Full Breach Kicks (USA)
Fuzz Overdose (Greece)
Tryptic (France)
Lenox (France)
Sheik (Spain)
Jerome (Spain)
State (UK)
Bip Bip (Spain)
Dionysus/Bacchus (USA) Garage/Punk 


Siesta (Spain)
Inbetweens (The Netherlands)
Chapter Music (Australia)
Secret Eye (USA)
Strange Attractors Audio House (USA)
Career (USA)
Solnze (Russia)
Vivo (Poland)
Time-Lag (USA)
Eclipse (USA)
Fonal (Finland)
Wolfgang (Finland)
PSF (Japan)
Locust (USA)
Qbico (Italy)
Enfant Terrible (The Netherlands)
Anna Logue (Germany)
Subterranean (USA)
Beta-lactam Ring (USA)
Dekorder (Germany)
Sub Rosa (Belgium)
Subvalent (Japan)
Ikuisuus (Finland)
Kankana (Spain)
Memorandum (Australia)
Lexicon Devil (Australia)
Fuyusoubi Music (Japan)
Omnimemento (Switzerland)
Deserted Village (Ireland)
Rotorelief (France)
Autumn Ferment (UK)
Makkum (The Netherlands)
The Company With The Golden Arm (Germany)
Infinite Front (USA)
Gnome Life (USA)
Martyrs Of Pop (France)
Rock Paradise (France)
Fantomette (Germany)
Public Guilt (USA)
Bassick (Belgium)
Green Monkey (USA)
Rusted Rail (Ireland)
At War With False Noise (UK)
Glass Throat Recordings (USA)


Cold Meat Industry (Sweden)
Cold Spring (UK)
Tesco Organisation (Germany)
Functional (Germany)
WKN/Hau Ruck! (Austria)
Eis & Licht (Germany)
Divine Comedy (France)
Cyclic Law (Canada)
Susan Lawly (UK)
Old Europa Cafe (Italy)
Vinyl On Demand (Germany)
Ant-Zen (Germany)
Cynfeirdd (France)
Dark Vinyl (Germany)
Steinklang (Austria)
Ahnstern (Austria)
RRRecords/Pure (USA)
90% Wasser (Germany)
Neuropa (Belgium)
Hymen (Germany)
Small Voices (Italy)
Drone (Germany)
Equilibrium (Portugal)
Percht (Austria)
Le Cluricaun (France)
A-Musik (Germany)
Clogsontronics (The Netherlands)
Die Schachtel (Italy)
Staalplaat (Germany)
Korm Plastics (The Netherlands)
Quasi Pop (Ukraine)
Silentes (Italy)


Prikosnovenie (France)
Kalinkaland (Germany)
Infrastition (France)


Analog Africa (Germany)
L' Arome (France)
Numero (USA)
Academy (USA)
Cosmic Groove (France)
Sublime Frequencies (USA)
Khmer Rocks (USA)

Clear Spot

Clear Spot International BV
Hermelijnkoog 21
1822CA Alkmaar
The Netherlands

T. + 31 (0)72 567 9990
F. + 31 (0)84 229 8862


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