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Release date: 04/12/2006


Catalog no.: OKTCD0000013

Item ID: 276670

The name of the band (a French Maoist/Marxist-Leninist militant group) and the sleeve-design (feat. Lenin, Marx and Engels.) makes it clear: This is a political act with a clear message. British industrial-punk act ACTION DIRECTE present their new and explosive new album ready to drop upon a decadent and dismissive world. Compared to the bands' previous material, 'Intervention' takes a more scattershot and irresponsible approach, with the band firing wildly in all directions at a range of worthy targets. This is very much the band going down in a blaze of glory, and taking no prisoners doing so. Musically, the album has thrown several new sonic ingredients into their strong industrial-punk brew, bringing in techno and hardcore amongst others. Two tracks on the album even features Sami Vuorela, of Finnish hardcore legends Sekasorto, on drums. The result is an album which adds a certain swagger to Action Directe's renewed sense of passion and political commitment. The album, which starts with the dulcet tone of anti-Communist witchhunter Joseph McCarthy, and ends in full 'V for Victory' mode with Winston Churchill, features several distinct voices throughout, including Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela, Stalin, Huey Long, Louis Farrakhan, 'Football Factory' author Ben Brewster, George Bush senior, and of course, George W. Bush and Tony Blair. Any inferences on the integrity of some of the voices you will hear are entirely unintentional.


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