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Reissue of the first Novak's Kapelle single, originally released in 1968. The front cover is the restored version of the German sleeve, the back cover shows the original Austrian edition. Includes photo card. Novak's Kapelle was one of the wildest Austrian bands in the late '60s and '70s, with their own mix of progrock, hardrock, art, porno and extreme live-shows.


This is the reissue of the second Novak's Kapelle single, originally released in 1969. Also included is a 29,7x42cm poster. Novak's Kapelle was one of the wildest Austrian bands in the late '60s and '70s, with their own mix of progrock, hardrock, art, porno and extreme live-shows.


Psychedelic rock band The Playn Jayn came together in early '80s London. Getting together in the flashy confines of the West End's boutiques and late night venues, they soon gained a fearsome reputation, playing intense and exciting live shows throughout the capital and beyond. Surprisingly signed by A&M (and possibly their most exciting act since The Sex Pistols!) they issued a fantastic live LP as their first record, which carried a small price tag and got distributed to even the tiniest places in the U.K. and abroad. The band gigged almost endlessly and played like they meant it - everywhere! After that album and one single, A&M lost interest, leaving their completed studio album to be issued by an independent label along with a further single. Despite the music's undoubted goodness, sales were modest and the band eventually went their separate ways in 1985. Before that, they recorded their regular show-opener 'Cardinal Charlotte's Memorial School' and the newer 'It's Not Me' as a possible deal-attractor and investment in their future. It was not to be, and it's taken around 37 years for it to see the light of day, with even Circle experiencing hold-ups of their own, including pandemics and such. Anyway, it's here now and issued in a tiny quantity guaranteeing it's future collectability. This is their first effort to remind the world of just how special the band were and what might have been. Just 375 vinyl copies are available. They're in a brown card sleeve embossed with Circle Records detail and individually hand numbered. A four-colour laminated postcard of a restored promo picture and history of the band is included, all contained in a polythene snap-lock bag. Unique recording content: studio versions of these tracks are exclusive to this single and won't be featured on any album. Both are previously unreleased, and taken from original 1985 multi-track tapes. Intended as a single at the time, but never used, they were the last official recordings of the band's career. Given the final mix treatment by their former sound man and friend Satch Norton, as well as being remastered, they now sound wilder and better than ever!


Between 2014-16, Folklore Tapes begun the series Calendar Customs, commissioning artists to research and respond sonically to the four corners of the ritual year; May Day, Midsummer, Midwinter and Hallowe'en. This culminated in a box-set of 4x LPs and accompanying extensive booklet with essay by FT pen smith Jez Winship. FT also produced a detailed customs wall calendar and a cassette collaged using field recordings taken from amateur YouTube footage. In 2022 artist and Dave Pearson archivist invited Folklore Tapes' David Chatton Barker to write a score to a new animation by Chinese artist Kain Leo. The animation was commissioned to act as a creative extension to the Dave Pearson archive and website. The Root Folk Band were a once fictional group found within the pages of the children's books Mossy. They were brought to life for this unique project and its members are; Bridget Hayden, Mary Stark, Sam McLoughlin and David Chatton Barker. The score was largely made ahead of the film, as Kain Leo prefers to work with the music during her editing process. The first stage of writing the score saw the band collect together old folk custom sheet music and cut sections out and re-paste to create new passages. These were first played using whistle and percussion. The Root Folk Band split the recording between two locations, the first; an ex-telephone repeater station high up on Shap Fell, Cumbria and the second; at a house in Cornholme, West Yorkshire. These sessions incorporated improvisation alongside the original music drawn from the cut-up traditional scores. Around 3 hours of material was recorded, played on a variety of traditional and self-built instruments. This material was then cut-up and collaged into a 12 minute musical calendar and edited with field recordings taken from the 2016 FT cassette. Traversing the light and the dark months of the year across several hundred years of English ritual, the resulting score is perhaps described as sitting sonically between the seminal soundtrack to the 1973 film 'The Wickerman' and the 2012 album 'Witch Cults Of The Modern Age' by Broadcast and the Focus Group. This limited edition seven-inch vinyl record comes housed within a hand-made manilla sleeve, expertly screen printed at Small Press Studio in Stockport by Yasmin Lever. Along with the 12 minute vinyl comes an A4 insert and download code and download link to the film.


Progressive folk act Comus was a true one-off, their unique take on folk rock a spine-tinglingly shocking one, even as the music draws the listener into singalongs. Formed by singer-guitarist Roger Wootton with some art school mates, including guitarist Glen Goring, violinist Colin Pearson and oboist Rob Young, Comus began recording their debut LP for RCA, who dropped them halfway through, leading to further recordings for Dawn with Barry Murray. Every song on this single bears the hallmark of their exceptional take on folk rock, too far ahead of its time to gain favour on release, and all the more to savour now. Originally released as a 7" EP on Dawn in 1971. SIDE 1: 1. Diana 2. In The Lost Queen's Eyes SIDE 2: 1. Winter Is A Coloured Bird


Proto-prog act Titus Groan came together in London from disparate influences: drummer Jim Toomey, who later played in the Tourists, had a trad jazz background, and then played in a soul act with saxophonist/flutist/oboist Tony Priestland; bassist John Lee had played with jazz saxophonist Dick Morrissey, and guitarist/keyboardist Stuart Cowell was a blues fan, hence the diverse directions of their sole LP. 'Open The Door Homer' features their cover of the unreleased Bob Dylan song that was also tackled by Fairport Convention, originals 'Woman Of The World' and 'Liverpool' between blues rock, jazz rock and prog. Originally released as a 7" EP on Dawn in 1970. SIDE 1: 1. Open The Door Homer 2. Woman Of The World SIDE 2: 1. Liverpool


One of the Holy Grails of heavy psychedelia, originally released in 1969 by this Canadian band. Basement garage-psych meets heavy rock! Echoing vocals, crashing drums, ultra-raw distorted guitar... Bent Wind formed in Toronto in 1969. Discovered by producer Merv Buchanan while they played at a 12-hour Pop Festival in York, he signed them to his Trend label. A single was soon released, followed by the 'Sussex' album in 1969. Titled after the street where the band had a rehearsal space in a building where local hippies and freaks hang out, 'Sussex' was released housed in a cover designed by guitar player Gerry Ribas. According to band member Marty Roth, no more than 200 copies were pressed, making one the most sought after psych albums ever. Original artwork in hard cardboard sleeve. Remastered sound. Insert with liner notes by Klemen Breznikar (It's Psychedelic Baby) and photos.


'Heavy Metal Kid' was the last album Coloured Balls recorded during their all too brief three-year existence. It's often overlooked due to the enormous impact and success their preceding album 'Ball Power' had on Australian music. 'Heavy Metal Kid' was a natural progression for the band that could not be pigeonholed. They were still bringing their unique mix of proto punk, hard rock, blues, space rock, progressive and '50s rock'n'roll, but they expanded their sonic palette to include even a piano ballad and spaced-out ARP synthesizers. Each copy comes with both a poster and lyric insert.


A classic in the collecting circuit since ages, the sole release by UK group Elias Hulk was out in 1970 on the Youngblood label. Raw hard-rock, adding some Eastern and blues-rock elements as well. Previously available on Guerssen's Sommor sub-label and out of print, they now present a new edition on Guerssen. Original artwork in hard cardboard laminated sleeve + obi. Insert with photos and extensive liners by Andy Morten. Repro of the original poster.


Originally released in 1971, the Fuchsia album is one of the best examples of British progressive and psychedelic folk-rock, full on inventive arrangements and songwriting. Here's a long overdue vinyl reissue. Fuchsia was formed by a group of Exeter University students. They were Tony Durant (previously of psych band Louise) on acoustic/electric guitars and vocals; Michael Day on bass and Michael Gregory on drums plus the three-piece classical ensemble of Vanessa Hall-Smith (violin, backing vocals); Janet Rogers (violin, backing vocals) and Madeleine Bland (cello, piano, harmonium, backing vocals). Signed to Pegasus Records (the "progressive" branch of B&C Records), Fuchsia recorded their self-titled album at Sound Techniques studio with producer David Hitchcock (Caravan, Mellow Candle, Genesis, Camel...) The main inspiration for the album was Tony Durant's readings of Mervyn Peake's gothic novels such as 'Titus Groan' and its fictional character Lady Fuchsia Groan. Like some of their contemporaries (Comus, Mellow Candle...) Fuchsia only started gaining recognition in the following decades, thanks to fans of obscure psychedelic folk. Today, Tony Durant leads a new version of Fuchsia, still playing and recording. Newly remastered sound. Original artwork in hard cardboard sleeve. Insert with liner notes and rare photos/memorabilia. Repro of the rare promo insert. "Recommended to fans of bands like Spirogyra and String Driven Thing" ~Aaron Milenski (Galactic Ramble).


The legendary band from Genova return with a new album. A psychedelic prog journey through a world of fables and dreams. For all Beatles, Garybaldi and Hendrix lovers. Dedicated to Bambi Fossati.


Kosmik Sun sees the return of Nordenham, Germany based Eugen Kohl, with a side project to his acclaimed Crypt Witch project, whose LPs flew out instantly on Feral Child sister label Deep Distance a couple of years ago. Alongside Crypt Witch, the band features members of Coven Spell and Devil Leaf, and their debut here is a mesmerizing full length that takes its listeners on a hypnotic journey through the cosmos with its slow, hypnotic riffs and intergalactic soundscapes. Three epic, intensely deep stoner/psych cuts heavy on interstellar trips and hypnotic doom. The LP features beautiful sleeve artwork by DunkleStille. 'Medium Interstellar' is a must-have for fans of slow, mesmerizing doom psych/metal and marks them as a name to watch out for with future releases planned... A limited vinyl only LP on tasty oceanic blue splatter wax with Feral Child insert and wrapped up in cool screened FC outer PVCs...


Low Hums are from Seattle, Washington and they formed in 2009. Fueled on a steady diet of amphetaminized Velvet Underground, Funkadelic, Jimi Hendrix, Can, Sun Ra, Beefheart and Blue Cheer. Low Hums employ a twin guitar tapestry and a fiery rhythm section. Limited to 300 copies on 180 gram white and red and black splatter vinyl, comes in a gatefold sleeve.


You heard them first on 'Brown Acid: The Thirteenth Trip.' Master Danse was formed in late 1973 in Detroit, Michigan when drummer Tom Riss and bassist Cary Fletcher, formerly of the Detroit band Licking Stick, went looking for a new guitarist/lead vocalist and jammed with John Giaier, who had most recently played in the band Crawdad. The three musicians hit it off immediately, and a new power hard rock trio was born. In 1973, Detroit was clearly "Rock City", featuring such local icons as Bob Seger, Alice Cooper, Grand Funk Railroad, Ted Nugent, and Mitch Ryder, and the high energy punch of Master Danse reflected this proud heritage. Unfortunately, this union would only last one year, and by the end of 1974 the power rock trio known as Master Danse had disbanded. What was left for posterity were only two live reel to reel recordings and one promo 45 single. Some forty-seven years later, the 45 found its way onto the internet and a small cult following of audiophiles was born, people who appreciate the raw power and high energy of early '70s rock. Bands like Master Danse and others from this era were riding the wave of transition from the pop rock sound of the '60s to an edgier sound that would eventually lead to metal and punk music. With the help of modern-day tape restoration techniques, the two live recordings were restored, and together with the 45, the best versions of the eight songs that have survived the decades are featured on this album. Although recorded live forty-eight years ago on a two-track stereo tape recorder, you can still feel the power of Giaier's Marshall stack, Fletcher's twin Acoustic 360 amps, and the relentless attack of Riss' Ludwig drums. So, sit back and enjoy. Rock on! Limited to 500 copies on coloured vinyl.


Finnish heavy psych/space rock three-piece returns with their second full-length album, featuring 45 minutes of spaced out instrumental heavy psych pummeling. Swirling, almost heavy-esque guitars, melodic and roaring basslines and drums racing on razor's edge. Bit like Hawkwind in the 80's mixed with more central European psych tradition, built on firm Earthless-like jam-foundations. Sometimes going in at full speed, sometimes taking time to catch some breath, and sometimes descending into freak out chaos, but always hard hitting. Limited to 200 copies on 180 gram 'beer' coloured vinyl, comes in a gatefold sleeve.


The 2023 album from the Danish psych rockers. 'Eskapisme' contains eight new tunes recorded live in the studio to get the right ingredients of organic psychedelic spaced out sounds - the way they recorded albums way back in the '60s. 'Eskapisme' is Natskygge's second record and follows the critically acclaimed and self-titled debut album from 2020. Limited to 300 copies on 180 gram orange and red vinyl, and comes in a gatefold sleeve.


This is the first album of the band from 1971 that never got released, only very expensive test pressings existed - until now. The songs were produced as a follow up to fulfill the contract with the record company Amadeo. Limited to 300 copies. Plays on 45rpm. Novak's Kapelle was one of the wildest Austrian bands in the late '60s and '70s, with their own mix of progrock, hardrock, art, porno and extreme live-shows. SIDE 1: 1. Cowderwelsh (Gobbledegook From Suite Fartwind/1st Movement) SIDE 2: 1. Shuffle Broonzin' (Can't Buy Courage From Suite Fartwind/2nd Movement)


A mind-bending musical discovery! The long-lost and previously unreleased music and history of northern Sweden's legendary hard rock/proto-metal champions active between 1969-1972. Subliminal Sounds swings open the portals to the long lost, ultra-rare, and previously unreleased, music and history of Sweden's loud and hairy underground hard rocking champions. Get ready for some seriously jaw dropping, skull crunching Swedish's hard rock/heavy psych from the totally stoned 1970s. This is a tasty release in the series: "The Swedish Hard Rock Underground - A Smorgasbord of Heavy Sounds"! Special edition on clear orange vinyl, strictly limited to 150 copies only worldwide. Comes with a massive 12-page booklet cram packed with photos and in-depth liner-notes of the wild tales from back in the days of Swedish heavy metal rock.


'Everyone Is Evil' is the Orseund Space Collective's's 40th release. This session took place in Sept. 2022 and collected up a number of top musicians to create several albums of progressive, psychedelic, world music and space rock! The track 'Everyone Is Evil' is an epic 64 minutes track that takes the listener on an intense journey through different universes and a bit of Can, Magma and other bands but in their own unique way. 'Everyone Is Good (Maybe)' brings you down to a more calm state in this repetitive, meditative exploration into space music. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies on black vinyl. Includes download code. SIDE 1: 1. Everyone Is Evil Pt. 1 SIDE 2: 1. Everyone Is Evil Pt. 2 SIDE 3: 1. Everyone Is Evil Pt. 3 SIDE 4: 1. Everyone Is Good (Maybe)


The Neapolitan singer Gigi Pascal (real name Giancarlo D'Auria) had a long career as soloist in the melodic pop field, with some singles dating from the end of the sixties. As many others he was attracted by the newly born rock groups of the early '70s, and assembled one with the odd name Pop Compagnia Meccanica. This group had a similar story to Fabio Celi & Gli Infermieri, also from Naples, as they released an album in 1973 that sounds like it had been recorded three or four years earlier. Only the first names are known of the other musicians playing with Pascal, the only known member was drummer Fulvio Marzocchella, that played with pop artists such as Umberto Bindi, Nico Fidenco, Patty Pravo and Orietta Berti. 'Debut' is a very short album (eight songs for around 26 minutes) with the organ as main instrument and, where Fabio Celi's album had frantic vocals, this has a softer, more relaxed voice that owes much to the melodic Italian pop of the '60s, but always well mixed with the band's sound. The music has some nice classical influences, like in the instrumental 'Fuga In Si Minore,' or 'Crescente' and the long 'Un Concerto' with a very good and complex arrangement, but sometime the sixties sound is more evident, like in the opening 'La Tua Voce.' Gigi Pascal released two more singles in 1975, one of them still with the name of Pop Compagnia Meccanica. In the '80s he released singles and LP's under the nicknames Jaco D. and Jaco.


Sydney-based psych rock band Robot God and Los Angeles based stoner rock band The Freeks are teaming up for an exciting release. The Freeks is a super group made up of members from Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu, The Atomic Bitchwax and Nebula. This full-length album contains 2 EPs, Robot God's 'Valleys Of Primordia' and The Freeks' 'Miles Of Blues'. Limited to 400 copies on transparent blue 180 gram vinyl.


In high anticipation ever since the Melbourne/Naarm band released their 'Certified Organic' EP in 2020, Sunfruits' debut album sees their most mature and conceptual songwriting to date. The album showcases Sunfruits' incredible talents in writing memorable pop songs and is filled with anthemic choruses, melodic psychedelia, harmonious ballads and danceable indie pop, interplaying with potent lyrical messages of hope and despair. Through the album's eleven tracks the band explore environmental collapse, resilience, self-reflection, love and relationships, all textured with a coming-of-age feel.


A must to anyone into '60s British beat and psychedelia, here's the complete recordings of pre-Yes band The Syn, featuring Chris Squire and Peter Banks. Including their sought after mod-psych singles for Deram ('Grounded,' '14 Hour Technicolour Dream,' 'Flowerman'...) plus a treasure trove of rare '60s recordings, including a five-minute rehearsal excerpt of stage favourite 'The Gangster Opera,' an earlier recording of 'Flowerman,' a pre-Deram acetate of the unissued-at-the-time 'Merry-Go-Round,' two tracks by pre-Syn band The Selfs and more. Also including are a couple of 1974 bonus tracks from post-Syn project Narsquijack. Led by singer Steve Nardelli, The Syn formed in 1966 initially as a mod/Tamla band. They soon embraced psychedelia and flower-power with some legendary theatrical shows during their Marquee Club residency. After a string of singles for the Deram label, the band slowly evolved into legendary prog band Yes. Hard cardboard sleeve with artwork by Sara Gossett. Remastered sound. Insert with detailed liner notes by David Wells with an introduction by Phil Collins (a huge fan during their Marquee days), plus rare photos/memorabilia. "This vinyl package concentrates on the original Syn, determined to make their mark as the Tamla/mod scene melted into the balmy, barmy days of flower power." ~David Wells.




Manzana Podrida (Rotten Apple) is a newly formed Spanish-only label started by Paul Messis with the main aim of releasing groups from the Asturias region in the North of Spain. AGRIO-1 is the first release featuring Gijon based garage punks Los Ignorantes. The EP is the third release for Los Ignorantes and features 5 raw-as-hell Iberian caveman garage stompers cuts at 33rpm. The single was engineered by Paul Messis and mastered by the legendary Tim Warren of Crypt Records. The EP consists of wild fuzz and farfisa style punk rock, mixed with a swampy street-punk vibe and snarling Billy Childish-esque vocal sung in Spanish. Songs about booze, drugs, humidity and covid will grace the listening experience. Limited to 300 copies, in glossy card fold-over sleeve with a hand-numbered insert.


The title of Black Magic Six's fifth album 'Black Cloud Descending' really sums up the mood and thoughts of its creators during the album making process. It tells stories of constant escaping, accepting defeat, destinies of outcasts, failures and drunks. The album was produced, recorded and mixed by Mitro Kylliäinen.




After performing together in the skiffle-oriented band Good Earth, singer-songwriter Ray Dorset and keyboardist Colin Earl formed Mungo Jerry, whose breakthrough single 'In The Summertime' remains a stone-cold anthem of the early 1970s. With Paul King on banjo and jug, Mike Cole on string bass, Earl on ragtime piano and with Dorset's humorous vocals upfront, 'In The Summertime' was skiffle-tinged rock at its best. The reissue of this uncommon 12-inch also features Dorset's 'Mighty Man' with King's kazoo and harp, as well as a great cover of Woodie Guthrie's 'Dust Pneumonia Blues.' A must-have! Originally released as a 7" EP on Dawn in 1970. SIDE 1: 1. In The Summertime 2. Mighty Man SIDE 2: 1. Dust Pneumonia Blues


Repress of the long out of print (originally released on Halloween 2006) Boris and Sunn O))) collaboration with a twist: the original version was a triple LP but this 2023 version is a double. The first collaboration between Southern Lord's two kingpins of avant-metal, 'Altar' is surely the most eagerly-anticipated extreme music release for some time. The wedding of Sunn O)))'s brutal drone symphonies with Boris' kaleidoscopic noise results in a wholly unique album that alchemically merges familiar elements of each band's sound into a transfigured, mysterious whole; roaring drones rise and collapse beneath blasts of disorienting, warped horns, the end result a heaving, psychedelic mass that looks set to induct yet more devotees to the shadowy explorations of both acts. A mind-blowing sludge of cathartic, blurred noise.


Widely regarded as one of the best live bands on the 1970s pub rock circuit, Brinsley Schwarz released a string of classic albums to critical, if not commercial, acclaim. Digging deep into his personal archive, Ian Gomm, the band's guitarist and songwriter, has unearthed a wealth of live recordings that capture the Brinsleys at their best. 'Live Archive Vol. 4' captures Brinsley Schwarz playing intimate venues in France and Germany to enthusiastic audiences. Recorded direct from the desk with no mixing or post-production, this recording captures the atmosphere of a great night out with music from one of the best live jukeboxes you could hope to see and hear.




Obscure British punk quartet Court Martial formed in Bristol in 1980, part of the same scene that gave rise to Chaos UK, Vice Squad, The Partisans and Anti-Pasti. This comparative compilation captures the group at their rawest beginnings, surveying the unfiltered demos they cut before signing to Riot City Records, as well as the more professional efforts that resulted in the 12-inch singles 'No Solution' and 'Gotta Get Out.' The material finds our heroes switching between fast 'n' furious diatribes and fuzzy dirges, and alternating the demos with the singles allows us to witness their progression. More great early '80s Brit punk! SIDE 1: 1. Your War 2. Gotta Get Out 3. Fight For Your Life 4. Young Offender 5. No Solution 6. Too Late 7. Take Control SIDE 2: 1. Your War 2. It's My Life 3. Violent Confederation 4. Different Society 5. It's Your Life 6. Different Society


Repress on black vinyl. Heroin's 'Discography' is both a 'Dear John' letter to the outside world and a love letter to the underground punk/hardcore community. This double album contains all the bands OOP vinyl and compilation tracks, as well as unreleased songs and the session the band recorded at Inner Ear Studios in Washington DC. Real nice gatefold tip-on style jacket with a great booklet with liner notes from Sonny Kay.




First release in the Folklore Tapes Mystic Series. "Folklore Tapes grow yet another branch of investigation through their new Mystic Series, which begins with the Swedish mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg, who spent the latter portion of his life living in England. The Heavenly Realms unfolded from Folklore Tapes' residency at Swedenborg House in October 2022. The house, in Bloomsbury Way, London, is the headquarters of the Swedenborg Society, an organisation dedicated to the study and publication of the works of scientist, philosopher and visionary Emmanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772). Sam McLoughlin and David Chatton Barker were invited to respond creatively to Swedenborg's legacy, and it will come as no surprise to their followers that the duo took inspiration from Swedenborg's mystical experiences. Swedenborg's most renowned work, 'Heaven And Hell' (1764), synthesised years of dreams, trance states and ecstatic communications with angels into a complete vision of the afterlife and the spiritual realms. In it Swedenborg meticulously details a stratified order of the heavens, an ultimate reality within which physical matter relates to spirit through divine correspondences emanating from a highest, purest echelon, God. The duo approach this vision of eternity through music created entirely with a collection of antique clock chimes. As is often the case in their work, this seeming limitation is precisely what unfetters the project's singular, expressive depths. The Heavenly Realms opens with a fade from silence to shimmering tintinnabulations and pealing chimes, a wave of sound whose undertow pulls the listener into collective memories of struck metal as timekeeper, summoner of souls and banisher of evil spirits. It's music held taut by oppositions, at once urgent yet calm, simple yet intricate, with angelic tranquilities humming above a grinding, plaintive underbelly. The drama of the music is as much horizontal as vertical. Choirs of overtones outshine their fundamental frequencies, entwined like Swedenborgian correspondences. Harmonics rising above the audible spectrum imply realms beyond perception, and a certain emphasis on each moment of sound in itself, as distinct from relations between moments, invokes a sense of timelessness, of eternity in each instant. That's not to say the music doesn't develop. It charts a contemplative, meditative journey full of variety and interest - it's just that the listener is invited to listen as much upwards, inwards as forwards. The Heavenly Realms' most beautiful treasures are reserved for those who listen deeply. A revelatory sound-world manifests, a microcosm of the absolute." ~Ramsey Janini




Pressed on a 12" for the first time and cut at 45 RPM so it's EXTRA loud. Jacket is an extra hefty 24pt board with printed inner sleeve full of rare never before seen photos. Coloured vinyl only. "When Acid King pressed up their self-titled debut EP on a tape and started handing them out at shows with business cards, it wasn't an aesthetic choice. It was 1993. And while the world was still reeling in the aftermath of grunge breaking big on rock radio, this dirty-as-hell trio founded by guitarist/vocalist Lori S. were digging into even heavier vibes. Born out of Lori's shiftless days of wasted youth hanging around Chicago-area public parks, Acid King laughingly adopted the name from the book 'Say You Love Satan' and its subject Ricky Kasso, a local drug dealer who killed a friend over angel dust, thereby becoming the stuff of Satanic Panic local news broadcasts all over the country. Founded after a move to San Francisco, Acid King were outliers on punker bills in the tradition of West Coast rifflords like Saint Vitus and Sleep, and this four-song outing captures them at their rawest. Long before the career-defining roll of 'Busse Woods' (1999) and the psychedelic mastery of their latest offering, 'Beyond Vision,' this EP set in motion one of American heavy rock's most landmark careers. Presented on reissued vinyl through RidingEasy Records - the original 10" was on Sympathy For The Record Industry - Acid King's 'Acid King' also established one of the most crucial partnerships in underground rock in that between Lori S. and producer/engineer Billy Anderson (see also: Neurosis, Sleep, Om, Amenra, Eight Bells, Cattle Decapitation and too many others to list). As Acid King went on to help define stoner rock in the mid and late '90s with 'Zoroaster' (1995), their Man's Ruin Records split with Altamont ('97) and 'Busse Woods,' that creative relationship would flourish no less than the band's sound, and here it is distilled to its meanest and most elemental self. Led as ever by Lori, Acid King at the time featured bassist/vocalist Peter Lucas and drummer Joey Osbourne - legend has it both had to read 'Say You Love Satan' before joining - and Melvins drummer Dale Crover had a hand in producing it as well as singing lead on 'The Midway' after Lucas took a turn on 'Drop.' A preface to the many majesties to come throughout Acid King's many-storied career, behold the formative incarnation that started it all. A piece of heavy rock history AND killer riffs? You can't possibly go wrong." ~JJ Koczan, May 2023. SIDE A 1. Lead Paint 2. Blasting Cap SIDE B 1. Drop 2. Midway


Blue/black splatter vinyl version. A razor-sharp recording that effectively proves how lethal Power Trip was in a live setting, 'Live In Seattle' was recorded as the title states in Seattle at Neumos on May 28, 2018. The set list for 'Live In Seattle' is a selection of classic tracks from the band's discography; 'Nightmare Logic' and 'Manifest Decimation' albums (the Grammy-nominated Best Metal Performance 'Executioner's Tax (Swing Of The Axe),' 'Conditioned To Death,' 'Firing Squad,' and more), and even a deep cut/fan favorite, 'Suffer No Fool,' these eleven thrashing crossover tracks are full of the fire and venom that only Power Trip can deliver. TRACKS: 01. Drown (Intro) 02. Divine Apprehension 03. Suffer No Fool 04. Soul Sacrifice 05. Executioner's Tax (Swing Of The Axe) 06. Crucifixation 07. Heretic's Fork 08. Conditioned To Death 09. Firing Squad 10. Manifest Decimation 11. Crossbreaker




Glasgow-born pianist Mike McNaught's aim was to infuse pop and rock into jazz, forming Atlantic Bridge after leading the London Jazz Four, recruiting bassist Darryl Runswick and drummer Mike Travis, who he played with in the Henry Lowther Band, alongside flutist/saxophonist Jim Philip of the Michael Garrick Sextet to craft a sole LP for Pye's Dawn subsidiary. The lead track on this rare 12-inch EP, 'I Can't Lie To You,' was a non-standard original that summed up all of their capabilities, with uncredited female vocals and unusual enhancing overdubs; instrumentals 'Hilary Dickson' and 'Childhood Room' are pleasantly atmospheric, the latter showcasing the awesome power of Runswick's melodic bass prowess. Originally released as a 7" EP on Dawn in 1971. SIDE 1: 1. I Can't Lie To You 2. Hilary Dickson SIDE 2: 1. Childhood Room


The Awakening were one of the greatest bands in early '70s jazz blending spiritual and soul. They combined veterans of Chicago's R&B sessions and jazz players affiliated with the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians and were the only "group" on the legendary Black Jazz Records roster. This album includes the most representative tunes from their only two albums released in 1972/1973.


'Finnish artists Cut Beetlez mostly known for their work in the hip-hop field have released the avant-jazz release 'Free... BOOM!' The Cut Beetlez duo H.P Lovescratch and DJ J-Man enlisted saxophone veteran Rodney Chapman aka Godfather Don (William Parker, Eric Plaks, Vijay Anderson) to accompany them on several tracks and the result is a wonderful slice of post-bop, groove-laden, lyrical improvised jazz.




'THE LATIN SOUND OF NOW' - Coco María and Bongo Joe reunite for the second edition of 'Club Coco,' featuring a sackful of Latin inspired tracks from international bands and producers. All the songs were selected by Coco María, who in recent years has gone from a promising up-and-comer to an ever-present and influential figure in the music industry, widely known for her tireless work shining a light on contemporary, pan-Latin roots music around the world, through both her live DJs sets and eclectic radio sessions. This compilation brings together several of the most respected and innovative artists on the frontiers of tropical music today. Those who take the energy, melodies and textures of classic Latin music and turn those gems into songs tailor-made for a new generation of music lovers. Simply put, it's a record for those diggers who jump with excitement when they find a vinyl reissue of some Latin star of the past, be it Joe Arroyo, Los Mirlos or Aniceto Molina and then wonder, "This classic music sounds amazing, but where are the bands that are taking these sounds to new places?". TRACKS: 01. Raz Olsher - Pacific Dreams 02. Los Pirañas - Puerta Del Sol 03. Lola's Dice - Sacudete 04. Guess What - Children's Favourite 05. Acid Coco - Seguimos Sonriendo 06. Juan Hundred - Always Ready To Smoke 07. Las Mijas - Ronca (Carta Para Una Mija) 08. Dip In The Dub - La Cumbia Del Sufi Que No Sabia Bailar 09. Chupameeldedo - Metalero 10. Guess What - Stickle Bricks 11. Candeleros - El Bravo 12. Iko Chérie - Lepidoptera 13. Ronald Snijders - Off The Groove 14. Raz Olsher - Vamonos Cocos




'A COLLECTION OF FRENCH SINGING 60'S DYNAMITE BEATS'- Time ticks by and strangely enough, the Jukebox Music Factory has never before focused on Francophone singers and groups! Compiling a new quality tracklisting - when so many other (often excellent) compilations have already been produced - represents no small challenge. And yet our ol' pal El Vidocq has somehow pulled it off, limiting his prospecting to France, Belgium and Canada to unearth a selection of real nuggets. As usual, the convivial disc jockey has favored danse-inducing, out-of-the-ordinary tunes, while yet steering clear of the simply strange or anecdotal... This album combines rock, jerk and froggy yé-yé, with eminently cinematographic instrumentals. Certain songs are astonishingly modern, while others are simply outrageous. Gaston's reply to Nino Ferrer. The addictions of José Salcy. Cléo evoking the '60s lifestyle, and Annie Duparc the changing society. Tao settles his parental scores, while Christian Gaubert and Claude Bolling masterfully direct their ensembles, on a level with the world's greatest orchestras! Once again, and it's no surprise, not a drop of ennui taints this fun and groovy album, packed full with talented musicians, many forgotten but here happily rediscovered. SIDE 1: 1. Jean-Paul Mauric - Flash 2. Cléo - On Court 3. Les Sharks - Méfie-Toi Du H. Bourill 4. Tao-By - Tao-By 5. Gaston - Allo Ici Gaston 6. Trio Brasseur - Glip Glap 7. José Salcy - Je Bois Trop 8. Les Gardians - Et Qu'est Ce Que Tu Crois SIDE 2: 1. Claude Bolling Et Son Orchestre - Snap Party 2. Gilles et Dominique - Ça M'est Egal 3. Thierry Vincent - Dis Moi Pourquoi Tu Refuses 4. Les Mystics - Mon Père Est Millionaire 5. Les Venétes - Tout Est Simple 6. Henri Genés et Jean Lefevre - Les Minets De La Plage 7. Annie Duparc - Mon Homme A Les Cheveux Longs



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