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Hints of Allman Brothers, Sabbath and Mastodon. Slow cooked and ready to be served to the masses. Crawling from the humid, mangrove choked banks of the Caloosahatche river, The Electric Mud drifted from late night jam sessions, backyard keggers and a revolving cast of members. Steeped in in their love for the Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd and their shared Florida roots, came also a deep appreciation for the proto metal of Black Sabbath and the prog metal of Mastodon. For fans of The Sword, Radio Moscow, Clutch, Captain Beyond, The Allman Brothers. Comes on transparent orange vinyl.


Double LP on black vinyl with 32 page "log book" and a large poster. "Hawkwind have always been associated with music festivals, most notably the free festivals, where Dave Brock has said that, at those events, the band is not shackled to appease an audience by giving them what they expect and have paid to see. With that obligation removed, the band can relax and experiment more than usual and gigs become even more fun. Their sessions, where they played for free, sometimes with the Pink Fairies, at Canvas City, outside the official site of the Isle Of White Festival in 1970, are a matter of legend and Nik Turner gained much attention when he painted his face silver and was much photographed as a result. During his set, Jimi Hendrix referred to him as 'the cat with the silver face'. However, when we think of Hawkwind and festivals, the word Stonehenge leaps to the fore. The band always loved being there, enjoying the whole event as well as the freedom of how and when they played. This was not a time of business, but a time of fun. The most important one of these was Stonehenge 1984, which proved to be the last festival before the authorities moved in the following year to block the festival from being set up and Hawkwind ended up playing a few miles away instead. It was the sad end to an era. It had taken place twelve times and, had it been allowed one more time, it would have become a public event and the powers that be were determined to prevent that from happening. Happily, the 1984 festival was recorded and filmed and the Hawkwind Solstice Eve and Solstice Morning were both preserved... and we should be grateful for that. The fact that Hawkwind were playing for free didn't mean it was a basic show. As well as the line-up of Dave Brock, Harvey Bainbridge, Huw Lloyd Langton (who played the evening session, but not the following morning), Nik Turner, Alan Davey and Danny Thompson, there were half a dozen dancers, a mime artist and fire spitting. A free event, it was the ideal time to introduce the new rhythm section to the band in the form of Danny Thompson on drums and Alan Davey on bass, with Harvey moved to keyboards. A move which was to have a long term effect in the way he made music, leading to his solo career, as well as years playing synths for Hawklords, in years to come, after his stint as the Hawkwind keyboards player came to an end. Danny fitted the bill comfortably and drummed for the band until he left in 1988, to be replaced by Richard Chadwick. Danny went on to play for other bands including Bedouin and Pre Med. He also recorded a cassette album called 'Skinwalker'. Alan made a good team alongside Dave Brock and it can be seen on the video just how pleased he was to be playing alongside Dave Brock, a man whom he had only met for the first time in November 1982, backstage at the Ipswich Gaumont. He went on to be the longest serving Hawkwind bass player, before moving on to pursue solo projects and form a number of bands. So in terms of the line-up, Stonehenge 1984 had a notable impact on the formation of the band for a number of years and, indeed, the destinies of Harvey, Danny and Alan. As if that were not enough to make the event special in the annals of Hawkwind, they played an interesting and varied main set in the evening, featuring a blend of old and new Hawkwind songs, along with numbers from Inner City Unit and Bob Calvert's 'Lucky Leif And The Starfighters' album. In keeping with the relaxed atmosphere, there was a considerably extended version of 'Ghost Dance', lasting around ten minutes. The sunrise set was special too, with a long, laid-back jam at dawn, fitting in with the occasion. A lovely and relaxing start to the day and the kind of jam they couldn't really play to a paying audience. It's good to have the memories of this significant festival gathered together in three formats. Enjoy this special set, which commemorates a special event, not only in the history of Hawkwind, but of the saga of Stonehenge festivals." ~Brian Tawn


This is the first official re-release on vinyl under licensed courtesy of BMG Rights Management, UK, remastered from an original master copy out of the vaults of BMG. The album was originally released in 1971 on Bronze. 'Get A Whiff A This' itself was very much the son of its predecessor 'Lie Back And Enjoy It', but looking out towards more unexpected pastures. The funky 'Big Lil' and the blistering anti-war anthem 'Midnight Sun' were both strong inclusions, while a take on the Allmans' 'Midnight Rider' remains one of that particular anthem's most dynamic revisions. 'Get A Whiff A This' track listing: Side 1: 1. 'Mr. Skin': Williams' growling voice sounds quite good on the rocking melody. The melody and general vibes are quite similar to the Spirit original. 2. 'Midnight Sun': Boogie with interesting anti-war lyrics, some nice Mick Moody acoustic slide guitar and Paul Williams seldom having sounded as authentic. Great. 3. 'Midnight Rider': Yeah, again a cover, but give them credit for having good taste in their outside material - in this case one of the best Allman Brothers tunes ever written. 4. 'Harvest': Paul Williams basically taking his way through the bland swamp-rock flavored tune. At least Mick Moody got a chance to strut his stuff on this one. A highlight. 5. 'Mr. A. Jones': Pretty acoustic country-folk number. Side 2: 1. 'Sunday Morning': Country flavored ballad that gave Glenn Ross Campbell another opportunity to shine. 2. 'Big Lil': Opening up with a funky little Moody riff, followed by some tasty slide guitar, 'Big Lil' was the album's best performance. The song reflected some energy and Williams deserved some kudos for turning in his best Greg Allman impression. Another highlight 3. 'Jessica': No, it wasn't another Allman Brothers cover... rather 'Jessica' was a country-tinged rocker that showcased Glenn Campbell's slide guitar moves. 4. 'Future Days': Blend country-rock. Based on Williams' growling southern twang, you would be hard pressed to identify them as being English. The album is a great piece of funky bluesrock, with a perfect balanced sound - such a deep and clear bass, a lot of great guitar playing by Moody and Campbell and of course the damn cool vocals by great singer Paul Williams. The album was remastered and contains a 4 page insert with band story. Don't miss this great album.


This is the first official re-release on vinyl under licensed courtesy of BMG Rights Management, UK, remastered from an original master copy out of the vaults of BMG. Juicy Lucy's second album 'Lie Back And Enjoy It' was released in 1970 on Vertigo. Although several members of the band had been replaced since the release of their famous first album, it was generally considered to be a respectable follow up to their eponymous debut album of the previous year. The bulk of the songs were written by the band, although the album does feature the addition of Willie Dixon's classic 'Built For Comfort' and a terrific cover of the Frank Zappa song 'Willie The Pimp'. The album peaked at number 53 in the UK Albums Chart in November 1970. If Juicy Lucy's debut album ranks among the most haunted blues-rock albums of the late 1960s, its follow-up illustrates more of the evil electrics and swamp-conscious blues that gave Juicy Lucy its most scintillating shivers. The interplay between Glenn Ross Campbell's steel and Chris Mercer's sax is as chilling as ever and songs like 'Built For Comfort,' 'Thinking Of My Life,' and the best ever cover of Frank Zappa's 'Willie The Pimp' are heavily blues based. But the band also expanded into hard rock, psychedelia and early prog. Campbell's guitar work is simply stunning and miles above anything done at the time. Williams' throaty vocals are superbly expressive, a powerhouse on his own, and all the other band members play incredibly well, turning this album into a timeless masterpiece. In many respects this album encapsulates everything that was great in music by the end of the 1960s: originality, innovation, guts and talent. Essential music for body and soul! Another critic describes it as a surprisingly excellent 1970 boogie rock album with as-good-as-it-gets sound quality. 'Mississippi Woman' and 'Whiskey In The Jar' are also very hot tracks. Interesting to compare the huge fat British sound here to the trebly weedy sound you get on many US albums around this time. It's well thought out and explosive/dynamic music. Kinda like Grand Funk Railroad meets Cocker's 'Mad Dogs' period with a bit of Creedence for those Southern overtones or think of an English incarnation of Leslie West's Mountain. The album cover is also awesome, folding out to reveal a 6xLP sized cardboard/heavy paper poster. Damned cool! The extra track 'Thief' was the B-side of single 'Pretty Woman'. The reissue comes with an exact reproduction of the original cover and a 4 page insert with band story and photos. All titles are remastered. Don't miss this great album.


The hidden masterpiece of Italian progressive rock is re-released as an LP after 47 years. Consisting of a hybrid of various types of music, including British folklore, US West Coast sounds, primitive rhythms, Baroque classical music and traditional Italian music, this album presents a new musical style different from typical Italian symphonic rock or hard rock. Another aspect of the Italian Prog can be discovered with this album, which is impressive with the mystical sound and chorus that seem to embody the Mediterranean fantasy. Comes on 180 gram vinyl and contains 4-page booklet.


'Doom Machine' ranges from riff-raff extravaganza to psychedelic and eerie swirls amid hypnotic interludes. Lisbon's premier heavy rockers Miss Lava are back with 'Doom Machine', the perfect soundtrack for a post-lockdown world. For fans of Greenleaf, Monster Magnet, Deville, Black Elephant, Dozer and Queens Of The Stone Age. Comes on white vinyl.


Released for the first time, this LP contains professional live recordings from the years '74-'79 of an undisputed cult band. Formed in 1969 in Houston, Oz Knozz was a progressive hardrock band featuring red-hot wah-wah blasting guitars, heavy Hammond keyboards accented with Moogs and other synthesizers, and furious, slightly jazzy drums. The band's 1975 debut-album 'Ruff Mix' is a sought after classic amongst collectors and the material on 'Live Mix' is equally impressive.


Long running series 'Fading Yellow' originated as a tiny DIY project in 1995. Since then it's become its own genre and a way for collectors all over the world to update their wishlists, but even if you're not a die hard collector and just really enjoy the sunnier side of psychedelia, then Fading Yellow is for you. Over 18 installments the series is curated by leading experts on rare psych. Sometimes the volumes might dig into a specific country or theme, but mostly they're just a way to collect fine tunes. Busy Bee presents this 18th volume that includes gems from all over the world, including an unreleased song by Howling Wind (pre-Candle), an obscure Rhodesian 45 and a Danish cover of Keith West's 'On A Saturday' among other treats. Comes in fold out soft pack with booklet. TRACKS: 01. The Kool - Look At Me Look At Me (UK) 02. The Teenmakers - On A Saturday (Denmark) 03. The Pussyfoot - Mr Hyde (UK) 04. The Jay Five - It's Raining (Germany) 05. Paul Osborne - Ice (UK) 06. The Shanes - Without Your Love (Sweden) 07. Ice - Memories (UK) 08. Jon Mark - All Neat In Black Stockings (UK) 09. Science Poption - Back In Town (Sweden) 10. Maxwell & Nicholson - Virgin (UK) 11. Unknown Artist Acetate - The Bedd (UK) 12. Pam�la - Je T'aime Un Peu... Beaucoup... Passion�ment (Belgium) 13. Howling Winds - Meditating (Sweden) 14. I Fantoms - Katia (Italy) 15. Jack Grunsky - Julie Knows (Switzerland) 16. The Moonlighters - Mary Wilkins (Sweden) 17. Ted Mulry - I Love You (Australia) 18. The Maximillian King Trio - Indigo (Rhodesia)




'Better Days' is Mick Walker's take on the current state of the nation after the Brexit. 'Hurt' is the first re-recording of a song the band worked on before splitting in 1981.


Another superior release from Ill Eagle Records (they did that 'R'n'R Monster Bash' and the revamped alt version of 'Songs The Lord Taught Us'). Now... This is truly an amazing piece of vinyl, 'Psychedelic Jungle' but not as you know it! Looks like a lot of research and hard work has gone into this. Compiled from very rare sources, demos, rehearsals and selected live tracks it chronicles the development of The Cramps' second release. Plain and simply magnificent!


It might've taken 20 years but here it is: the original line-up of the Flaming Sideburns unleashes their 2021 album 'Silver Flames'. It can be seen as a follow-up to their now legendary debut 'Hallelujah Rock'n'Rollah', which was released two decades prior in 2001. 'Silver Flames' is an album nobody expected to happen. Most certainly it's out of time and out of place in 2021 but that has never stopped the Flaming Sideburns on their mission. Instead they launch a rock'n'roll assault at full throttle. It's all there from straight-ahead rockers ('Silver Flame', 'Searching Like A Hyena') to deep psychedelia ('Niburu', 'Reverberation') and from classic rock ('A Song For Robert') to pop-tinged choruses ('Perfect Storm', 'Cast Out My Demons'). The album is wrapped-up by 'Trance-Noch�' and its unusual combination of Latin American madness and Arctic hysteria... topped with the lyrics en Espa�ol.


The Stereotypes formed in 1979 in Ilford, Essex. They released one EP, 'Countdown' and split up shortly after. After press stories in Record Collector and local rags, the band reunites. 'Forward' contains re-recorded versions of songs from the 'Countdown' EP as well as a number of new songs.




For Tamar Aphek, the freedom to improvise was essential to creating the incredible ups-and-downs expressed on her solo debut 'All Bets Are Off'. From the machine-gun percussiveness of 'Crossbow', to the creeping desolation of 'Russian Winter', to the intimate insights of 'All I Know', the album delights in twists and turns. Commenting on jealousy and surveillance, love and compassion, anger and escape, and countless more challenges unrevealed, it's no wonder Aphek hoped to capture "the feeling of a rollercoaster." Comes on orange vinyl.


It's time for '90s rock to be back and its legacy lives on through the Swedish alternative rock band Roof Down from Stockholm. Seattle rock inspired post grunge with a modern touch. Often compared with bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains. The songs are based on groovy riffs with a balanced mix of energy and melancholy.




'The Empty Cross' is the fourth full length album of the Hispanic project Moral Order. On this LP, O. Pa�no elaborates an acoustic exegesis based on the work of the famous German thinker Friedrich W. Nietzsche, delving into their interpretation of the books 'The Gay Science', 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra', 'The Antichrist' and 'The Will To Power'. God has died, and western values must be reformed in a world dominated by chaos and crisis of principles. The cross is empty. The farce is over. 'The Empty Cross' includes a collection of songs that stand out for their skillful and careful instrumental execution based on purely analogue sounds, in which Moral Order covers genres as contrasted as power electronics and dark ambient. The result causes a very balanced relaxation of forces that makes this album commendable as well as wild, where fury and ritual essence intertwine creating a solid and unique work in its style. Limited edition of 300 copies with die-cut cover insert, including digital download code.


Decaying synths, amplified distorted electronics, haunting samples, ear piercing feedback and disturbing vocals - NEAR DEATH ELECTRONICS. This is Sznur (from Lodz, Poland), a surprisingly fresh and not used up band, not trapped in too many clich�s. A band that still has a process of development ahead of which we can look foward to. Finally a new band-premiere on Tesco! Limited to 300 copies, including digital download code.


Kojoohar is an accidental one man project from southern Ukraine, weaving tarry audio cocoons from pulsatile cartilage of obsessive-compulsive ambient industrial and slimy flaps of post-flegmatique noisewave, invoking analog and digital miasma of pocket devices, paralyzing entropia of modular synths and beatific dyslexy of reverently crafted samples, all concrescent in acataleptic mantrae heralding the impending serenity of inner void. K�dzid Goo is an experimental hip-hop project, rising from the northern Komi lands. Conceived as a way to wind the scraps of chaotic thoughts over monotonous beats, over time it grew into something more conscious, with a core of unhealthy self-reflection, self-digging and self-burying, just to torment own flesh with a touching knife. 'Dotla' manifests angst industrial sound consecrated with occasional samples from the founding fathers of the genre, and features heavy lyrics spiked with solemn images and numerous literary references. It's a dark, dystopic angst pop with deep aesthetic lyrics and unrelenting vocals by K�dzid Goo and Noz Nad Lesam. Delivered in a blank monotone, devoid of any emotion and humanity, it sits well with the stark, mechanoid instrumentation that thumps and grinds low-end bass throbs welded to dead-hearted beats, overlaid with icy synths, touching upon the subject of self-immolation, leaving to nowhere, dissolving into nothingness. However, it's not about self-destruction or self-eradication, but rather about some kind of decomposition for further rebirth. It reminds us that we're all on the outside, all alone, and all doomed.


Repress. Notably outstanding on the Russian scene and often compared to the legendary Wardruna, Nytt Land is unique in its devotion to ritual northern music and tradition. The approach, using genuine native hand-crafted instruments, and true Old Norse, helps Nytt Land to grasp the true spirit of ancient northern music like no one in Eastern Europe has done before. The music is mostly based on the sources from the Poetic Edda, performed in original Old Islandic. The CD comes in a 6-panel digipak and features the lyrics.


A twisted sea of vintage synths and hypnotic minimal electronica created by subliminal dark rhythmic beats and repeating sequencer textures with its melodic and percussive elements in perpetual motion. There is an ominous, even slightly anxious feeling of surrealistic ambient drones in this tripped-out atmosphere. PS Stamps Back is a solo project by Iason, the man behind 1000+1 Tilt, an Athens based label that has been running since 1993 and works as a platform for the music and sounds of the underground, with a preference to weird, unconventional and experimental music. 'Au Bout De La Nuit' is an album inspired by, or made for certain works of literature. The music is a direct translation of its words and images while under the influence - an homage to the the lyric and the total bliss of reading an inspiring book while listening to some thought provoking music, that moment when words and sounds melt into a timeless dreamy euphoria.


What does Ki mean in our daily lives? Joy, sorrow, vigor, courage, cowardice, etc. - these are terms used in our daily life. The Japanese see Ki as an integral part of all of these. To them, a human being is created from Ki of the universe. while he receives Ki, he is alive. Deprive him of Ki and he dies; he loses his human shape. As long as his body is filled with Ki and it pours forth with abundance, he is vigorous and filled with courage (Koichi Tohei). The album 'Ki' is all about this mysterious force, this cosmic breath, this invisible flow, this magnetic tension, this balance between elements, this metaphysical concept, that surrounds us, crosses us and unites us. It's a respectful homage to the Japanese culture, the spiritual simplicity of Zen art, the Bushido spirit, Asian Taoist philosophy, a nostalgic journey into the anime aesthetic poetry, and a search, a way for a profound inner peace. Reconnecting with nature, and its fascinating ambivalence between its fragility, its beauty and also its cruelty and its omnipresent power, its perfection in imperfection, both sides, noise and silence, violence and peace exist in us all, it's all about how you harmonize it all. Expect a surprising soundtrack with huge swathes of field recordings from Japan, organic warm real live instruments studio recording sessions, lush ambient soundscapes, ASMR like with auditory-tactile immersive synesthesia design, deep granular basses and complex beats and the famous French romantic, which we all love so much. It's theatrical, meditative, purified, naive, airy, steamy, euphoric and melancholic at the same time and enriched with two marvelous songs featuring 'Les Tambours Du Bronx' and 'Hint'. The complementary forces of industrial avantgarde and the atmospherics of Japan interact to form a dynamic score in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.




First full length album by this Roman trio with members of Novembre and Stormlord.




There was some for John Cage, then came Christian Wolff, and finally Morton Feldman, from this school in New York. Only Julius Eastman remained outside the game, the last figure, the most solitary and enigmatic - undoubtedly also one of the most powerful. And it is this power that is revealed through these recordings. In the 1970s and 1980s, Eastman was one of the very few African-Americans to gain recognition in the New York avant-garde music scene. He was politically committed, a figure of queer culture and a solar and solitary poet whose melancholy influenced his genius as well as his tragic destiny: suffering from various addictions, declared missing, actually homeless. During Winter of 1981-82, he got deported from his apartment by the police, who destroyed most of what he owned - including scores and recordings. He was found dead in 1990, on the streets of Buffalo, after years of vagrancy. Ensemble 0 is a variable geometry group created in 2004. It interprets the compositions of its members and pieces by other composers. The group works with many regular and invited collaborators, being able to change, increase or reduce its lineup at will according to each project. Ensemble 0 has now become one of the most significant ensembles of a new sound vision. For this piece Ensemble 0 this time includes Melaine Dalibert (piano) - the common element of the two recordings - Sophie Bernado (bassoon), Cyprien Busolini (viola), Jozef Dumoulin (Fender Rodhes, synthesizer), C�line Flamen (cello) St�phane Garin (percussion, artistic co-direction), Ellen Giacone (voice), Jean-Brice Godet (bass clarinet), Am�lie Grould (vibraphone), Alexandre Herer (electronics), Tomoko Katsura (violin), Julien Pontvianne (saxophones, orchestration, artistic co-direction) and Christian Pruvost (trumpet).




'Panzer Dragoon: Remake' is a recreation of the 1995 SEGA game. This set offers both the original 1995 soundtrack, composed by the late Yoshitaka Azuma, as well as newly arranged tracks by composer Saori Kobayashi, whose previous works include the soundtracks for 'Panzer Dragoon Saga' and 'Panzer Dragoon Orta'. Comes on transparent blue and orange vinyl.


An original compilation featuring legendary tracks from Serge Gainsbourg's early productions for the cinema. Tracks A1-A3 were recorded in December 1959 and are taken from the 1960 EP 'Bande Originale Du Film L'Eau A La Bouche'. Tracks A4-A5 were recorded in December 1959 and are taken from the 1960 EP 'Bande Originale Du Film Les Loups Dans La Bergerie'. Track A6 was recorded in March and April 1963 and is taken from the 1963 LP 'N� 8' by Juliette Gr�co. Tracks A7-B4 were recorded at the end of 1962 and are taken from the 1963 EP 'Bande Originale Du Film Strip-Tease'. Tracks B5-B8 were recorded in March 1963 and are taken from the 1964 EP 'Bande Originale Du Film Comment Trouvez-Vous Ma Soeur?'. SIDE 1: 1. L'Eau A La Bouche 2. Angoisse 3. Black March 4. Les Loups Dans La Bergerie (Final) 5. Cha-Cha Du Loup 6. Strip-Tease 7. Some Small Chance SIDE 2: 1. Rendez-Vous Au Calavados 2. Wake Me At Five 3. Solitude 4. Crazy-Horse Swing 5. Comment Trouvez-Vous Ma Soeur? 6. �rotico-Tico 7. No Love For Daddy 8. Rocking Horse


A 2LP in gatefold sleeve on red and black vinyl which contains the complete soundtrack composed by Jake Kaufman. Also includes a download code.


Fans and industry professionals praised 'Shovel Knight' for its charming retro-2D visuals, humorous story, fun characters and strong gameplay design, which all came together to offer a game that is nostalgic yet very modern. The game's chiptune soundtrack, composed by Jake Kaufman and Manami Matsumae, is integral to the game's modern-retro identity and has been similarly praised for its outstanding arrangements, memorable melodies and strong technical composition. This definitive soundtrack contains all music from the original 'Shovel Knight' game released in June 2014, with a vinyl tracklist crafted by Jake Kaufman himself.


'Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows' features all 14 tracks from the original release, with a cover designed by illustrator Hitoshi Ariga. The booklet includes a comprehensive interview with Jake Kaufman, an essay by Bob Mackey of Retronauts, and original archival artworks.


Waxwork presents the soundtrack of 'Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer'. Available for the first time since 1990, this deluxe vinyl release features the complete soundtrack with score cues by Robert McNaughton, Steven A. Jones, and Ken Hale. The score features primitive synth drones, ambient electronic cues, hard pounding drum machines, warbling synth bass, bar room jukebox rock 'n roll and dialogue tracks. Comes on 180 gram coloured vinyl.


'Panzer Dragoon: Remake' is a recreation of the 1995 SEGA game. This set offers both the original 1995 soundtrack, composed by the late Yoshitaka Azuma, as well as newly arranged tracks by composer Saori Kobayashi, whose previous works include the soundtracks for 'Panzer Dragoon Saga' and 'Panzer Dragoon Orta'.



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