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the Spot Light #336  

d.d. Monday, February 13th, 2012 



VIBRAVOID - VOID VIBRATION (2LP/KRAUTEDMIND)  10th Anniversary deluxe reissue. The second full length from the masterful psychedelic rock band from Germany. Limited editions on 180 gram black and various hypnotic colours vinyl. 

  TLON - TLON III (LP/NASONI)  The wonderful third album from the Peruvian-Argentinean band Tlön. It's an album full of colours and textures, with electric instrumentation and passages of acoustic music, steadily maintaining their signature psychedelic and heavy touch. The line-up includes drummer Walo Carillo, formerly of Peru's '70s rock icons Telegraph Ave. and Tarkus. 

  BOKOMOLECH - MASS VULTURE (LP-CD/INNER EAR)  A new work from this Greek cult-band. Some of their previous releases were recorded by Steve Albini and Ian Burgess, and this collection offers a similar undergroundish intensity. 

  HUATA - ATAVIST OF MANN (2LP-CD/PSYCHEDOOMELIC)  An impressive album of heavy rock with a healthy fascination for the occult. The double LP-edition includes a cover version of the song Black Sabbath by late '60s US cult band Coven.

  SPIRIT DESCENT - SEVEN CHAPTERS IN A MINOR (CD/PSYCHEDOOMELIC)  This album is an instant classic statement of epic, crushing Doom Metal. Spirit Descent come from the old-school of classy song-building, progressive rock arranging and quality production. The influences are obvious: Candlemass, Black Sabbath, Solstice, Solitude Aeturnus and the heavier side of 1970's progressive hard rock.

  BESTIA TRIUMPHANS - VSICHNI V JEDNY HRE (CD/PAPAGAJUV HLASA)  Though very active and around for more than 13 years, this band from the Czech Republic always operated in the underground. Their new album once again offers quality punk/hardcore, inspired by Dead Kennedys, NoMeansNo a.o., but in an  original way.

  HORST QUARTET - NO-TRICK PONY (CD/IKUISUUS)  An adventurous CD of avant-jazz, recorded live in Helsinki in 2011.

  HABIBI - SWEETEST TALK (7"/BORN BAD)  Habibi is the brainchild of Rahill Jamalifard and Lenny Lynch. Together, the two Detroit natives started the all girl, Brooklyn based, project in the spring of 2011. Growing up with the harmonious sounds of Motown and the punk attitudes of Quatro and Iggy, their music invokes the same simplicity and fiery spirit.


  IKE TURNER/VARIOUS - REAL GONE ROCKET (LP-CD/JEROME)  A superb album of selected singles from the period 1951-1959, featuring artists with whom Ike Turner worked as a session man, composer, and/or producer... This set contains songs by Chuck Bernard, Willie King, Lonnie The Cat, Clayton Love, Gardinias, Jesse Knight, a.m.o. Includes six previously unissued recordings plus loads of rare stuff that's been out of print for ages.

  VARIOUS - BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS, VOL. 1 (LP/BELTER RECORDS)  An ultra exciting offering of 14 incredibly loud 'n heavy proto-punk fuzz obscurities from the USA, 1969-1977. Includes forgotten local heroes s.a. Supachief, Heavy Cruiser, Blackstone, Grasshopper, Black Death, Captain Foam, Tin House, Stone Axe, Left End, Volt Rush Band, a.m.m. Discover the missing links between mid-late 60s garage rock and the snotty generation of '77! Limited edition of 300 hand numbered copies.

  VARIOUS - UNDERGROUND PRAHA: MUSICAL ACTIVISM  UNDER COMMUNISM 1975-1990 (LP/OLOJ)  Exciting sounds from forbidden concerts, recorded in the underground of former Czechoslovakia, 1975-1990. This set is the best way to enter the fascinating and innovative sound of the Czech counter-culture. Includes The Plastic People Of The Universe (the late Vaclav Havel's favourite band!), O2, Mikolás Chadima & The Extempore Band, DG 307,  Uz Jsme Doma, Iva Bittovà & Pavel Fajt, a.m.o. 

  HAROLD - IN THE COOL OF THE NIGHT (7"/BORKA/JE-HAR)  An exciting reissue of a superb single from 1982. These two tunes were the first songs ever written by Harold and his first recordings as a single artist. This release soon became pick hit of the week in Billboard Magazine in early 1983. 'In The Cool Of The Night' is a smooth classic and ostentatious 6/8 soul ballad in classic Motown style. On the flip we find 'Shortage Of Love', a soulful upbeat energizer of booming disco beats. Wonderful!



  GROUNDATION - BUILDING AN ARK (CD-2LP/SOULBEATS)  On this album, their seventh, lead singer Harrison Stafford develops his dream and vision to create an ark in order to preserve knowledge and positive consciousness. The band stays true to the essence of their dynamic and melting pot sound. Without guest artists, the group focuses on stretching their incredible virtuosity through 10 songs played in their characteristic "progressive reggae" and mixing a powerful jazzy-reggae vibe with hypnotic funk-based rhythms. The album goes from earthy percussion based tracks to complex impressionistic dub compositions and this sophisticated music bed provides the basis for some of Harrison Stafford's most fiery militant and conscious lyrics to date. A masterpiece!

  CONTROL UNIT - THE FUGITIVES (LP/BACKWARDS)  The mighty guitarist Ninni Morgia, usually devoted to experimentation and improvisation in the wide world of free-jazz and avant-garde psychedelia, for the occasion transformed into a real industrial musician. He's joined by Silvia Kastel, a young multi-instrumentalist and vocalist with a strong attitude for the bleak and jarring sounds from the first industrial music wave, which exploded in the mid '70s. Limited edition of 300 copies with handmade silkscreened sleeve.

  SPEAKEASY - SPEAKEASY (CD/PAISLEY ARCHIVE)  The line-up of Speakeasy consists of vocalist Mark Le Gallez (The Risk, Thee Jenerators), Simon Stebbing (The Purple Hearts) on guitar, drummer Brett 'Buddy' Ascott (The Chords, The Rage, Pope) and Mic 'Ace Bass' Stoner on bass. Past members who contribute to three of the tracks on this release include Fay Hallam (Makin' Time, Prime Movers, a.o.) and Mike 'Ace' Evans, formerly of '60s legends The Action and Mighty Baby. Baring in mind the pedigree of this outstanding band, you'll jump to all the right conclusions! Limited edition of 200 copies!

  PHILIP CORNER - ITALIAN AIR: WIND, WATER & METAL (LP/RICERCA SONORA)  Philip Corner is, already since the Fluxus days, one of the most important figures of the American avant-garde. 'Italian Air: Wind, Water & Metal' presents three previously unpublished compositions, recorded at various locations. Limited to 300 copies.

  FABIO ORSI - VON ZEIT ZU ZEIT (LP/BACKWARDS)  Another interesting release from one of the leading musicians in the independent international experimental and electronic scene. 'Von Zeit To Zeit' offers two tracks, clearly influenced by the kosmische '70s. Only 200 copies pressed. Includes 6 photo inserts.

  ZEA & XAVIER CHARLES - BOURGEOIS BLUES (7"/MAKKUM)  A new 7" by Zea, together with Xavier Charles on clarinet. Here they seem to be inspired by children's songs, sirens and Ghanian funeral music. 'Bourgeois Blues' is based on the versions by both Leadbelly and The Fall  ('Bourgeois Town'). The two songs on the second side, 'It's Quiet' and 'Insecurity Expert' are both written by Arnold de Boer. This wonderful item is pressed on black vinyl.

  TASHI WADA - GRADIENT (7"/DE STIJL)  Tashi Wada is a San Francisco-based composer and performer whose recent work focuses on sound perception as a basis for direct modes of listening. His work has been performed throughout the United States and Europe, and for several years now he has performed alongside his father, Yoshi Wada.


  IKE TURNER - DOWN & OUT (1951-59) (LP/JEROME)  'Down And Out', available on vinyl only, gathers the very best of Ike's output as a solo artist and as the leader of the Kings Of Rhythm during the fifties. This feast of raw R&B includes 'I'm Lonesome Baby', his legendary first 45, the killer instrumentals 'Cuban Getaway' and 'Cubano Jump', as well as 'Box Top', which was the recording debut of a very young Tina. Exquisite cover art, remastered sound, liner notes and discography by specialist Fred Rothwell, the man who is currently writing Ike Turner's biography.

  GROUP 1850 - MOTHER NO-HEAD: THEIR 45'S (2LP/PSEUDONYM)  Though they were a product of the beat age, Group 1850 were Holland's first progressive band, in every sense of that word. Constantly changing, constantly evolving, Group 1850 were musical extremists on a do-or-die mission to explode all expectations. Although the group made two deservedly revered albums, 'Agemos Trip To Mother Earth' (1968) and 'Paradise Now' (1969), some of their best work can be found on their singles. The A- and B-sides of all these can be found on this priceless double LP set in their original mono mixes, mastered from the original tapes. A number of previously unreleased demos are also included. Pressed on 180gm vinyl, 'Mother No-Head: Their 45s' comes packaged in a breathtaking gatefold cover with rare archival photos and liner notes by Ugly Things' Mike Stax.

  MAY BLITZ - ESSEN 1970 (LP-CD/GARDEN OF DELIGHTS)  May Blitz have been compared to Led Zeppelin, early Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep. The only difference is that May Blitz never had their great breakthrough. Their history ended after only two LP's, which are in high demand nowadays. This great release offers material recorded live at the 1970 edition of the Essen Pop & Blues Festival. It's the first legitimate release of a May Blitz live recording. The limited vinyl issue is housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. The 32-page booklet contains a long band history in German and English, photographs, a detailed discography, numerous cover and label repro's as well as a personal retrospective report by guitarist and singer James Black.


HIGH ROLLER RECORDS has announced a bunch of interesting new releases on vinyl and/or CD. The plans include titles by BLAZE (s/t), DAMASCUS ('Cold Horizon'), DEMOLITION HAMMER ('Time Bomb'), JAG PANZER ('Mechanized Warfare') and MERCILESS DEATH ('Eternal Condemnation'). 

You may also expect a number of new titles from Belgian experimental/avant garde label SUB ROSA, including CD-releases from JEAN-LUC FAFCHAMPS, ERDEM HELVACZOGLU, BERANGERE MAXIMIN, and two DVD's featuring GUY-MARC HINANT & DOMINIQUE LOHLÉ.

More good news comes from Korean reissue-label BIG PINK. Their upcoming releases include CD's from BARBI BENTON (a mixture of AOR, country and pop), BLUE LIGHT (a folky AOR-album from Hawaii, 1978), ILLUSION (originally out in '74, also from Hawaii), GARY HIGGINS (his classic early '70s acid-folk album 'Red Hash') and LENNIE MACDONALD ('Hard Road').



  ELDER - DEAD ROOTS STIRRING (2LP/HEADSPIN)  reviewed by Paul Rigby for Hi-Fi World (excerpt)  ...a top quality release with boundary pushing exploraty sonics a go-go.  reviewed by Wim Boluijt for Heaven (translated excerpt) overwhelming and impressive album.  

  GOOD HAND - THE GOOD HAND (CD-LP/MINSTREL)  reviewed by Cosmicmasseur for ConcreteWeb (excerpt)  The songs are all strong, convey moods and atmosphere and remember to rock out once in a while.

  ELECTRIC MOON - THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE (CD-LP/NASONI)  reviewed by Cosmicmasseur for ConcreteWeb (excerpt)  To anyone who liked previous releases by Electric Moon I can safely say that they will love this one.

  CURSE - SUCK IT IN, SPIT IT OUT (CD/PITSHARK)  reviewed by Joost Jan Meertens for Planet Trash (translated excerpt)  These Swedes intended to make a sleazy rock album, and they succeeded without a doubt. 

  QUANTUM FANTAY - BRIDGES OF THE OLD FISHINGMINE (CD/BASSICK)  reviewed by Leo Hoek van Dijke for LiveXS (translated excerpt)  ...a band that reminds me of a prog-version of the very early Kraftwerk, when they still played psychedelic Krautrock without synths...

  AICAN - ART SAVES/KILLS (CD/R.A.I.G.)  reviewed by Cosmicmasseur for ConcreteWeb (excerpt)  This young Russian band provides a damn good album. Check 'em out - you'll be glad ya did.


  HILLOW HAMMET - HAMMER (CD/GEARFAB)  reviewed by Cosmicmasseur for ConcreteWeb (excerpt)  Great fun guitar-based rock recommended to heavy psych rock fans who are interested in the music that led up to their favourite genre.

  HET - IK HEB GEEN ZIN OM OP TE STAAN (LP/PSEUDONYM)  reviewed by René van Kaam for Platenblad (translated excerpt)  The LP offers the band's complete recordings, with some tracks in both the mono and stereo version. 


BRIMSTONE DAYS (TRANSUBSTANS)  February 23: Helmond, NL (Lakei) / February 24: Haarlem, NL (Café De Stiels) / February 25: Alkmaar, NL (Merves) / February 26: Schoorl, NL (Café Avond Bar) 

SPEEDBALL JR. (GREEN COOKIE)  February 25: Terneuzen, NL (De Pit) / March 17: Sittard, NL (Mustang Sally) / March 22: Gent, B (Charlatan) / April 28: Middelburg, NL (Kaffee 't Hof) 

SIENA ROOT (HEADSPIN, TRANSUBSTANS)  March 3: Zwolle, NL (Eureka) / March 4: Antwerp, B (Trix) 

AUTHORITIES (GET HIP)  March 3: Amsterdam, NL (OCCII) 

BRAT FARRAR (P. TRASH, OFF THE HIP)  March 22: Haarlem, NL (Patronaat) / March 23: Amsterdam, NL (Pacific Parc) 

LISA ISAAKSON/LISA O PIU (SUBLIMINAL SOUNDS)  March 31: Zwolle, NL (Papenstraattheater) t.b.c.

BIRCH BOOK (AHNSTERN)  March 31: Zwolle, NL (Papenstraattheater) t.b.c.


HORISONT (CRUSHER)  April 12: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

LORD VICAR (CHURCH WITHIN) April 12: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

SATURNALIA TEMPLE (THE AJNA OFFENSIVE)  April 12: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

SPIDERS (CRUSHER, DE:NIHIL)  April 12: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

ANEKDOTEN (VIRTA, MELLOTRONEN)  April 13: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

GNOD (BLACKEST RAINBOW, a.o.)  April 13: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

CHURCH OF MISERY (EMETIC, a.o.)  April 14: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

BONG (BLACKEST RAINBOW)  April 15: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn)

FLESHPRESS (SVART)  April 15: Tilburg, NL (013/Roadburn) 

ELÄKELÄISET (NORDIC NOTES)  April 16: Haarlem, NL (Patronaat) 


GROUNDATION (SOULBEATS)  April 24: Antwerp, B (De Roma) / April 25: Brussels, B (AB)

EXCITEMENTS (PENNIMAN)  April 29: Vlieland, NL (Into The Great Wide Open-Pre Party) / April 30: Eindhoven, NL (Effenaar) and Rotterdam, NL (Rotown) / May 2: Amsterdam, NL (Paradiso) 

PUSSYWARMERS (VOODOO RHYTHM)  April 30: Eindhoven, NL (Effenaar) /  May 2: Utrecht, NL (ACU) / May 3: Kortrijk, B (Den Trap) / May 4: Middelburg, NL (Kaffee 't Hof) / St. Katelijne-Waver, B (Gasketblowers Fest.)

DELANEY DAVIDSON (VOODOO RHYTHM)  May 9: Oostende, B (De Zwerver) / May 10: Eindhoven, NL (Altstadt) / May 11: Leeuwarden, NL (Asteriks) / May 12: Zwolle, NL (Vestzak Theater) / May 13: Breda, NL (Mezz)

CYNICS (GET HIP)  May 17: Utrecht, NL (dB's) t.b.c. / May 18: Diksmuide, B (4AD) 

OS HAXIXINS (GROOVIE)  Spring/summer 2012





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