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the Spot Light #350  

d.d. Monday, May 21st, 2012  



  NO PROBLEM - AND NOW THIS (LP/P.TRASH)  This debut full-length from Canada's No Problem is an absolute hardcore-punk scorcher. P.Trash releases the European LP-version, including new artwork and three brand new bonus tracks! 

PAST TENSE - TAKE THREE (CD/PAISLEY ARCHIVES)  This is a very enjoyable release. Past Tense takes the best elements from '60s beat, mod, garage, psych and punk, with irresistible results.

  EVA POLGAR & SANDOR VALY - MONDRIAN VARIATIONS (CD/EKTRO)  This experimental and audiovisual art project's CD translates various paintings by Piet Mondriaan (including Broadway Boogie Woogie, Pier And Ocean and New York City I) into sound. Now you can enjoy Modriaan's paintings as music, orchestrated for piano and a sampler. Musical influences are, amongst others, Skinny puppy, Einsturzende Neubauten, Laibach, Steve Reich, John Cage, Philip Glass, F. Schubert, J.S.Bach, a.o. Comes with a 40-page booklet featuring interesting facts and details.

  VARIOUS - BLACK MASS RISING (3LP/BLACK MASS RISING)  Released on three LP's in a box, it's the stellar, eclectic and highly psychedelic soundtrack to the 120-minute occult movie 'Black Mass Rising', the dark masterpiece by Brussels based artist Shazzula Nebula. The material is a succession of droney, ritualistic, bongwater-drinking, murky sounds of the dark and heady variety.

  VARIOUS - BLACK MASS RISING (DVD/BLACK MASS RISING)  Shazzula Nebula unleashes her dark masterpiece on DVD. This work is divided into two parts, one in colour, the other in black and white. Limited to 666 copies. 

  SHAVED WOMEN - SHAVED WOMEN (CD/EKTRO)  Reigning as the supreme harbingers of chaos in Saint Louis, Missouri, this nihilistic quartet has risen to the top, using an effective mix of brutal noise rock and self-destructive hardcore punk. Shaved Women seamlessly blend the warring guitar riffs of Black Flag with the rabid mania of The Jesus Lizard and Drunks With Guns' reckless abandon.

  ATARAXIA - SUEÑOS (CD/INFINITE FOG)  Reissue of this masterpiece, recorded back in 2000-2001 and originally released by Cruel Moon International (Cold Meat Industry). Russian import.

ELECTRIC FLASHBACKS - THE LOVELY ART OF ELECTRONICS (CD/TEENSOUND)  Tito And The Brainsuckers were one of Italy's most deranged garage-r'n'r acts of the past decade. Now he releases an album of songs which inspired him through the years. Not just covers, but very personal and classy versions to match. Issued in digipack.

  BRIMSTONE DAYS/BULLDOG MACK - SPLIT 7" (7"/TRANSUBSTANS)  Two great bands on one piece on vinyl. Brimstone Days perform 'I Need Soul' and Bulldog Mack come up with 'Prove Myself To You'. 

  MOTHER'S CHILDREN - SEE THE OTHER GUY (EUROPE TOUR) (7"/P.TRASH)  Two brand new power pop crunchers in '79 style from Mother's Children! For fans of Stiv Bators, The Plimsouls, 20/20, a.s.o.


  ERKKI KURENNIEMI - RULES (2LP/KRYPT)  Ektro Records proudly presents an impressive collection of ten recordings, dating from '63-'75. Erkki Kurenniemi is the pioneer of Finnish electronic and experimental music. The tracks here include Kurenniemi's focal works and previously unreleased raw material composed as solo pieces. There also are collaborations with Kari Hakala, Jukka Ruohomki, Otto Donner and Eino Ruutsalo. Digitized from the original master tapes.

TONY & TANDY - BITTER WITH THE SWEET (7"/ACID JAZZ)  Tony Head, front man of cult sixties freak beat legends (and backing group on this track) The Fleur De Lys, and Sharon Tandy, white soul diva of the sixties, occasional guest singer for The Fleur De Lys and girlfriend of Tony Head, should have been the Swinging Sixties' golden couple. 'The Bitter With The Sweet' is a soulful slice of classic pop soul. It's a dance-floor filler as well as an obviously radio-friendly tune.



  PROPANE PROPANE - INDIGO (LP/CLOSTRIDIUM)  A somewhat delayed release, this is the debut long player from Propane Propane. The music here is heavily fuzzed out '70s inspired (stoner) rock, enriched with a modest dose of sexadelica. Released in limited hand numbered editions on black, green and white vinyl. Includes insert. 

  MEN OF NORTH COUNTRY - NORTH (LP-CD/ACID JAZZ)  Men Of North Country started by chance, when soul DJ Yashiv Cohen was overheard singing along to the tunes he was playing at one of his Tel Aviv Soul Club parties. With the encouragement and eventual collaboration of his musician friends, he formed Israel's finest soul outfit. And whilst managing to stay true to their love for '60s soul, they also introduce a contemporary, fresh and personal twist!

  CLARA ENGEL - TENDER (LP/BACKWARDS)  The new album (limited edition vinyl) from Canadian musician Clara Engel features heartfelt and passionate compositions. The music ranges from atmospheres à la David Lynch to the raging blues of the Mississippi delta. Her lyrics put back the poetry in music, maybe in a similar way Antony Hagart does, and as we know from f.i. Jacques Brel. 'Tender' is a beautiful album with tasteful arrangements.

THOMAS GURDAN - THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD OF UGLINESS (LP-CD/NORDIC NOTES)  A truly remarkable release! Thomas Gurdan combines British folk with the Bavarian musical tradition. This is music that makes you wanna dance barefoot! The LP-release includes the CD-version of the album. 

  WAKINYAN - COPAL FLOW (LP/BACKWARDS)  Formerly known as Terroritmo, Italian outfit Wakinyan brings a convincing album of ritual industrial sounds. The fans will not be disappointed. Limited edition in a gatefold sleeve.


  RESAN (THE TRIP) - RESAN (THE TRIP) (LP/SUBLIMINAL)  An exact reissue of a mysterious and mega rare psychedelic/progressive album from Sweden, originally released in 1973 by Epic. Resan (The Trip) featured all the members from the legendary Swedish band Life. Musically you may expect wild fuzz guitars, spaced out flutes and much headiness in between. This much worth while reissue features liner notes from Reine Fiske (Dungen, The Amazing).

  BLUE CHEER - BLUE CHEER 7 (LP/SHROOMANGEL)  'Blue Cheer 7' represents a rare look at the world's first true heavy metal blues band, recorded as a '79 reincarnation. And yes, the material as well as the performances here do remind of 'Vincebus Eruptum', their million selling first album. Raw, heavy and straight to the point! The first edition of 500 copies comes on multi coloured vinyl, all subsequent pressings will be on standard black vinyl.

  DOMINGO CURA - TIEMPO DE PERCUSION:ANTHOLOGY 71-77 (LP/EM RECORDS)  A wonderful LP that compiles the finest moments from Domingo Cura's four solo albums, which were released during the years 1971-1977. Warmly recommended to all fans of percussion based world music.

  HAND - EVERYBODY'S OWN (LP/GOLDEN PAVILION)  This is a splendid vinyl reissue of an obscure -yet highly regarded- Swiss album from 1972. The music is a combination of British late '60s-early '70s hippie-folk (Donovan, Pentangle, Nick Drake) and mellow US psych à la Byrds and CSN&Y. Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl.

  STEFANO TOROSSI - FEELINGS (LP/GOLDEN PAVILION)  Soon available, a fully licensed reissue of one of the holy grails of library music. 'Feelings' offers a delightful mixture of cinematic vibes, groovy jazz-funk, breaks & beats, deep bass, electric piano, flutes, horn stabs, wah-wah guitars and exquisite string arrangements. Killer stuff.


Various heavy labels announced their plans for the forthcoming period. HIGH ROLLER's upcoming releases include a single from Swedish (Thin Lizzy influenced) outfit DEAD LORD, and LP's and/or CD's from BADGE, doom heads SPIRITUS MORTIS, Swedish trash-metal sensations ANTICHRIST, TOKYO BLADE (demo's CD-collection), BLACK BURN and DESASTER.

Amongst DESTRUCTURE's new titles are a single from French hardcore unit EXHAUSTION, a s/t 12" of grind-punks HIPPIES OF TODAY, an LP by punk band MACHETE and a split-LP between YEAR OF NO LIGHT and Canadians  THISQUIETARMY.

From DOOMENTIA one may expect LP's by HORSE LATTITUDES (2LP 'Awakenings'), HOODED MENACE (second pressing of 'Never Cross The Dead') and MACHETAZO (their second full length).



  DEAN ALLEN FOYD - THE SOUNDS CAN BE SO CRUEL (LP-CD/CRUSHER)  reviewed by Cosmicmasseur for ConcreteWeb (excerpt)  Groovy psychedelic rock with blistering guitar work is mixed with contemporary pop themes given a liberal dose of backwards effects, exotic percussion, flute, viola and acoustic guitar. Folks, it doesn't get any better.

  VIBRAVOID - GRAVITY ZERO (CD-LP/SULATRON)  reviewed by Arjan van Sorge for Highlife (translated excerpt)  ...without a doubt this year's most trippy and psychedelic album.

  DIE ZORROS - FUTURE (CD-LP-MC/VOODOO RHYTHM)  reviewed by Patrick Bruneel for Gonzo Circus (translated excerpt)  ...we hardly ever had so many laughs while playing a record...

  BODUF SONGS - INTERNAL MEMO (10"/MORC)  reviewed by Berry Kamer for Dwars (translated excerpt)  ...refined folk-noir which can be seen and heard as a stripped down, acoustic version of doom metal.

  DIRTY FUSE - DIRTY FUSE (CD/GREEN COOKIE)  reviewed by Joost Jan Meertens for Planet Trash (translated excerpt)  This four piece from Athens plays surf-rock according to the rules...

  DARXTAR - AGED TO PERFECTION (CD/TRANSUBSTANS)  reviewed by Patrick Erregat forn Rock Tribune (translated excerpt)  ...a fine disc that was entirely recorded at Bengtsson's home studio. This one will please fans of Litmus and Hawkwind.

LA BASTARD - FABULOUS SOUNDS OF (CD/OFF THE HIP)  reviewed by Patrick Bruneel for Gonzo Circus (translated excerpt)  ...well performed party rock about lost lovers, and how to mock those.

  ODYSSEY - ABYSMAL DESPAIR (CD/TRANSUBSTANS)  reviewed by Patrick Erregat for Rock Tribune (translated excerpt)  ...Sweden's most heavy sludge/doom band of this moment...


  SKEPTICS - THE COMPLETE EARLY YEARS 1965-1969 (CD/GEARFAB)  reviewed by Carry Munter for Carrysmusicmachine (translated excerpt)  ...this fantastic release is a must for every '60s collection. 

  DRYWATER - BACKBONE OF THE NATION (LP+7"/TIME-LAG)  reviewed by Jeremy Nobody for Ugly Things (excerpt)  ...these ten shambling sojourns are filled with laconic, mutated folk-rock and flights into the eye of fuzz-filled pre-punk.

  EVOL - EVOL (LP-CD/GEARFAB)  reviewed by Aaron Milenski for Ugly Things (excerpt) has that kind of spooky, reverb-laden, low-budget sound that a lot of collectors drool over...


THE CYNICS (GET HIP)  May 25: The Hague, NL (Supermarkt) 

THE RIPE (GET HIP)  May 25: The Hague, NL (Supermarkt)

JANICE GRAHAM BAND (ACID JAZZ)  May 26: Brussels, B (Maison Du Peuple) 

PHASESHIFTERS (MINSTREL)  May 26: Zwolle, NL (Eureka) 

EXCITEMENTS (PENNIMAN)  May 27: Rotterdam, NL (Dunya Festival) / June 29: Brussels, B (Couleur Café) / July 21: Lichtenvoorde, NL (Zwarte Cross) / August 5: Venlo, NL (Parkfestival) / August 5: Roermond, NL (Solar Weekend)

OS HAXIXINS (GROOVIE)  September/October t.b.a.



SIENA ROOT (HEAD SPIN, TRANSUBSTANS, a.o.)  November 16: Helmond, NL (Lakei) / November 17: Leuven, B (Sojo)




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