7" (7" Single/EP)

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Label: PPM

Release date: 29/01/2010

Barcode: 0656605692975

Catalog no.: PPM0000029

Item ID: 338780

Quail Lungs is a mysterious song writing project from cardinal human, and Portland Oregon resident Travis Bonilla; and others? PPM is putting this 7" out because it sounds like something we found... 'cause we did. We've never even seen this guy play live, but the songs are top quality and just dark enough to ask questions. Do Quail Lungs like Syd Barret and large amounts of coffee? Do they like The Kinks enough to try them with Morphine? How come we can't stop listening to the A side "Dum Dadadum" and the B side "You Can't Believe in Anything, You Can't Believe in Nothing"? Expect more music and crafting, but maybe no more answers? Quail Lungs for 2010 is a good look, get into it. Limited to 500 Copies.


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