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Release date: 22/03/2010

Barcode: 5065001404061

Catalog no.: TLV0000035

Item ID: 340818

This record brings together two of the most distinctive bands to arise from the emergent lo-fi scene. Printed on blue vinyl, the split 7" is limited to just 500 hand-numbered copies, with unmistakable artwork from Male Bonding drummer, Robin Silas. On the A side are Fair Ohs, a three piece from East London, chasing endless summers hidden in stolen African rhythms, half-inched Indian ragas and tea leafed Brazilian tropicalia. Renowned for enjoying the comfort of shorts, not wearing shoes and being habitual liars, Fair Ohs turn one cheek to the darkness, while the other glares straight into it. This is undoubtedly sunshine pop, albeit with a slightly twisted core. Starting out with a penchant for fast in-the-red 60s garage punk tunes released on a series of tapes in mid-2009, Fair Ohs have since dropped the sun-bomb and kicked out a host of tropical punk jams on labels Sex Is Disgusting, Suplex and Paradise Vendors Inc. Their appearance on the split represents the next step in their evolution from hardcore kids to benga beat bros. Recorded with the rightly ubiquitous Rory Brattwell, "Hey Lizzy" and "Himalayas" sees Fair Ohs staving off the winter cold with dreams of eternal sunsets and shoreline drives. Spectrals, the brainchild of L; a stand-up guy from a small town near a few bigger ones in the top half of the UK. With a heart firmly wrapped up in doo wop, girl groups and not a little tape hiss fuzz, Spectrals is a one-man teen dream with Rat Pack flair and a punk rock eye. When not getting upset over people talking about his band on the internet, Spectrals has been known to enjoy Red Bird & Cash Money Records, "Slush" based beverages, writing to Phil Spector in prison, and NYHC in the 1980s. Spectrals short life span has seen him share a stage with the likes of Sic Alps, Wavves, Lovvers and Real Estate, backed by a band of unsavoury individuals. With album Bad Penny in the can and slated for release later this year, "Birthday Kiss" and "Keep Your Magic Out Of My House" are his first UK releases of the year, showcasing a beautifully hazy mix of lovelorn slow jams and spidery Will Sergeant-like guitar lines.


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