LP (12"/10" Album)

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Label: OPAL

Release date: 19/01/2015

Barcode: 5055300384256

Catalog no.: OPAL0000057

Item ID: 410845

As a member of Lumisokea, Andrea Taeggi (alongside Koenraad Ecker) shapes acoustic and electronic sound into the duo's singular take on bass music. 'Aum' is the debut-release of Taeggi's project Gondwana. It's a special record from a special musician and showcases a modern take on the cinema for the ear.


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This LP features five wonderful soundscapes from Michael Vallera, known from a.o. the groups Coin and Cleared. Subtle perfumes linger in the air and a kind of romantic melancholy spreads, but the overwhelming sensation is of a patient and growing dread.



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