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Release date: 09/03/2015

Barcode: 2090504140713

Catalog no.: SHN

Item ID: 414071

Their 2009 release. Kalte Traurigkeit ('Cold Sadness') is a Canadian project featuring Eric Labrie and Mireille Tessier. The style can described as neo-classical/darkwave/dark ambient, layered with operatic female and brooding male vocals. Originally started by Eric alone, 'Equilibrium' took two years to complete, during which time he welcomed in mezzo-soprano singer Mireille Tessier. Mireille brought new ideas to the music from her influences, chant experience and her talent, which transformed the project's approach to music to a more tangible one. Her wide range enabled the creation of more complex choirs and vocal arrangements. For fans of a.o. Autumn Tears.


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