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Release date: 21/11/2018


Catalog no.: QR0000076

Item ID: 471403

"Ever dreamed of hearing a lounge cover of King Crimson's 'Epitaph'? Look no further than this LP, a weird artefact of the so-called American "real people" scene. The way the boldest experimentation on this LP goes along with comfortable easy-listening songs never ceases to amaze. One should have been totally removed from any kind of music scene, let alone the music business, to produce such a strange, disjointed, unclassifiable record in 1978." ~Levgan - Rateyourmusic. "This is the third and last album by the obscure Chicago group The Kaplan Brothers, which included three brothers: Ed Kaplan, Richard Kaplan and John Kaplan. Completely beyond classification, the music the Kaplan Brothers produced was an insane mixture of psychedelics, prog, kitsch, pastiche and pure genius. By the nature of the beast, this is definitely not for everybody, but for lack of a better drawer to put it in, it falls (rather uncomfortably) into the prog one, just for being weird enough, the extensive usage of Mellotron and of course the King Crimson cover. Weirdos of the world rejoice!" ~Jazziz - Rateyourmusic. "The ultimate lounge-rock extravaganza. A self-proclaimed 'electric symphony' that mixes Ennio Morricone with King Crimson as recorded by a Holiday Inn/bar mitzvah band from outer space. Crooner vocals soar on top of overly-elaborate keyboard arrangements as the music abruptly throws you from one intense mood into another in true psychedelic fashion." ~Acid Archives. Comes on lunatic grey vinyl.


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