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Release date: 15/03/2019

Barcode: 2090504765220

Catalog no.: GON4GOO0000001

Item ID: 476522

The first release on Thylacine Records by early '70s band Big Front Yard. 1969 was a great year for underground British rock with bands like Juniors Eyes, Screw, Little Free Rock, Forest and Hard Meat, all but now forgotten. Hard Meat was a British trio that released 2 singles (one each for Island & Warners) and 2 albums (Warners). Formed in North Devon over the winter of 1968/9, the combo was led by brothers Mick and Steve Dolan formerly of Midlands act, the Cock-A- Hoops. Despite extensive touring (including two trips to the US), major festival appearances in UK and Europe and good press, when drummer Mick Carless quit after UK dates with the Flying Burrito Bros in December 1970, they split up and promptly fell off the planet. Big Front Yard (name taken from a short story Mike D. admired by US sci-fi writer, Clifford D. Simak) was the Dolans next venture, though sadly the group never got the exposure it deserved and split after just one 45 in 1976. These 14 tracks by Big Front Yard were rescued from obscurity (actually from the attic of writer/academic Michael Gray, who was once their manager) and restored to remarkable audio quality by sound alchemist, Tony Poole. This is the first time most of these cuts have ever seen the light of day since they were recorded between 1973 and 1976. Sadly, both Dolans are no longer with us, Steve passing away in 2000 and Mick in 2014 but this vinyl set is an integral, till now missing part of their legacy. What you have here is fabulous US West-Coast inspired British rural rock from the early '70s. At times it is what is called big sky music. You know the wide-open-spaces, fresh-air-to-breathe sounds of Quiver, Greasy Bear, Bronco, early Brinslies, later Mighty Baby, Help Yourself, Gypsy, Byzantium, all of whom were very American influenced (Band/Dead/ Byrds/Buffalo Springfield etc). Sometimes Big Front Yard even sound like out of kilter with the times, more pink-label Island than Charisma or Harvest of 1973/74.
Limited to 300 copies.


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