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Release date: 06/04/2023

Barcode: 2090505336573

Catalog no.: NS0000069

Item ID: 533657

After 53 years of oblivion, 'Walking Up Con Los Walkers,' the fundamental work of Argentinian garage-psych is being reissued again in Argentina from the original mono master tape. An iconic LP from "the other" youngster music -the one that was known as "beat music"- it was originally released in 1969 and has never been reissued in its original format until now.
The band had previously released two LPs and several 45s which contained an exquisite selection of covers, from The Rolling Stones material to songs by Astor Piazzola, but with 'Walking Up' they entered history as excellent songwriters and conceptual artists. With a great use of studio production, unseen before in Argentina, they laid down a wide range of psychedelic sounds and structures that decades later will be considered as the Buenos Aires version of Los Shakers' 'La Conferencia Secreta Del Toto's Bar,' being both albums under a huge influence from The Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper's.' The album is part of the "Music Hall Catalogue," whose titles were embargoed for production from 1993 through 2016, when the INAMU filed a lawsuit to lift the embargo and make the rights to this recordings return to their authors and performers so they could make use of them. For that reason, there hadn't been any previous legit reissues of 'Walking Up' and original copies became extremely sought after among collectors. 'Walking Up Con Los Walkers - 53° Aniversario' is the result of hard research and preservation work by Zelmar Garín for the "Vinilo & Sustancia" podcast productions. As part of Noseso Records' release schedule the original open reel master tape was rescued from the Music Hall archives (now at INAMU) and technically treated to restore the damage that may have occured through the years. It was then respectfully remastered by Gustavo Gauvry to preserve the textures and nuances from that old mono mix and replicate again the power and warmth of a vinyl pressing. This limited edition of only 300 copies can be considered as a deluxe package, with the careful restoration and printing of the original artwork, a pressing on 180gr vinyl, a printed postcard and a lavish 4-page booklet with photos and liner notes by journalist Víctor Tapia. 'Walking Up' sees the light again thanks to the contributions of Carlos Altamirano and Fonocal, who ceded the rights for this edition, the coproduction of Mono/Estéreo and the support and financial backing from INAMU and the MECENAZGO program.


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